Stay Updated with the Sting App

From accessing your grades to knowing the date of the next football game, the Miami SHS app is now in the palm of your hands which makes it easier for you to access all the information you need!

Librarian Ms. Janelle Bravo created and launched the official Miami Senior High School app with the help of YourSchoolApp.Biz. It took her about a month and a half to get all the important information needed for the school’s app. She’s proud of her work and very excited to see people using the app throughout the school. Ms. Bravo’s goal was to make sure that students, parents, teachers, and the faculty were up to date at all times.

Through the app, you have access to many resources such as the student and parent portal, student schedules, lunch applications, insurance information, science Discovery, and so much more. As the year goes on, she hopes that she can embellish it more, with a variety of pictures of clubs, sports, and other activities so that students can see themselves and their friends on it.

Some students have downloaded the app. Junior Jordan Lans says he got it to be up to date with the school events. “I believe it’s useful because it gives you more information about the school like about academics, clubs you can join, and sports,” Jordan said.

“It actually looked so interesting so I kind of wanted to try it out,” said senior Jesus Valdez. “Plus they kept on telling us to download it.”

Senior Carlos Garcia says he downloaded it because it keeps him up to date with events going on in school and he can access his grades within the app.

Even though they like the app overall, some students also want to see other features within the app. Jesus says, “A more personalized profile as you sign in would be great and keeps you logged in for your personal use.” Carlos wants to see current news about what’s going on in the world.

On the other hand, some students have not used the app. Senior Omar Chavez says he doesn’t have it because he’d rather just go on the school’s website to find the information he needs instead of downloading an app. He also says he can get his information from his friends, social media or announcements.

Nowadays not many can say that their school has its own official app. According to Ms. Bravo you can set the app for push notifications to get the alerts regarding any event or important information you need. She says you can download the app for free on the iTunes store or on Google Play. Just search for: Miami Senior High or Miami SHS.

The MHS app currently has about 1,800 downloads on the iTunes store. For any questions you can contact the school at [email protected]