New School Year Means New Librarian at Our School

Walk inside the Media Center and you will hear an enthusiastic voice. “Welcome! Come inside,” says Ms. Bravo brightening up your mood.

This school year Ms. Bravo is the new media specialist in the library. Last year, she worked as a reading coach and was also in charge of the teaching magnet program.

Ms. Bravo’s job this year is very different from last year. “Dealing with literacy and technology is the same, but now instead of supporting the teachers, I’m supporting the students,” said Ms. Bravo. “[This year’s job] is a different kind of job so it’s easy in some ways, but hard in others. It’s easy in the sense that I am not walking around the whole school, and I stay in one place. But I am constantly helping students print, check out books, so I have to multitask and be accessible to a lot of students at the same time.”

Her dedication to Miami High’s students has shined in our school. Senior Josue Rodriguez said, “She’s great, she’s amazing, she’s the best librarian that the school has had.” Sophomore Angie Jambrina exclaimed, “I do consider her a good librarian, because the way she treats people is very unique. She has her own way to deal with students; she barely gets mad, which is great!”

Junior Noelia Garcia added, “She puts students before herself and tries to help every student that comes to the Media Center.” Besides being in charge of the Media Center, Ms. Bravo is also in charge of the FIU Dual Enrollment program, the school’s electronic gradebook, professional development for teachers, tablets for 10th graders, and social media for the school such as the Remind app, Twitter account, and the new Miami High app.

“Everyone can follow our school on twitter @MiamiSeniorHigh. You can also download our school’s new app: MSH (Miami Senior High). Don’t forget you can also visit our school’s website at,” added Ms. Bravo.

Even though being in charge of the Media Center is a big responsibility, Ms. Bravo said that she was interested, because her first job ever was at Shenandoah Middle School as a librarian’s assistant. “At first it was overwhelming, because change is always difficult, but I always remember that students need my help,” she said, “so I had to adapt and learn quickly.”

Everyone should get familiar with Ms. Bravo, because the library is a place where teachers and students visit to get work done. Ms. Bravo works from 7:10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday- Thursday. But the library stays open when she leaves, because the night school librarian works until 9:30 p.m. The library closes on Friday at 2:30 p.m.

Teachers consider Ms. Bravo very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to her job. “Ms. Bravo is the BOSS. She knows how to get things going. You don’t want to mess with Ms. Bravo. She’s also the most caring person you can know. We got really lucky with her, because we could’ve had an unmotivated new media specialist and Ms. Bravo is the total opposite,” said reading coach Mr. Xavier Suarez.

Reading teacher Ms. Fano said, “I consider her a great co-worker and friend that’s always there to offer a helping hand.”

Mr. Miranda, SCSI teacher, thinks that Ms. Bravo is a positive role model for our students. “She’s excellent with technology,” he said, “and her experience as a reading coach makes her very valuable in the Media Center to provide the correct instructional materials and resources.”