Eat, Sleep, Play Sports



By Candace Garcia

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“A homerun!”


Miami High sports fans love all kinds of sports played here at the school. Junior Erik Rivas’s favorite is basketball because “it’s very exciting to watch.”

For freshman Ashley Bonilla, football is the sport because people always get hyped when there are upcoming games.

Tennis is one of sophomore Sophia Mendez’s favorites because it’s different than the others.

Junior Jonathan Yong’s favorite sport is baseball. He loves the suspense that comes in a game,  and said, “It takes skill and hard work to play this sport.”

Sometimes people would love to play the sport they like. Junior Haydee Avila would love to play volleyball. “I’d like to try something new since I’m not really into other sports,” she said.

Sophomore Giannie Lopez would enjoy playing for the boys basketball team because he would love to be a part of their success.

Sophomore Andrea Sosa would like to play soccer for the girls team. “It would be nice to play because I love soccer, but my schedule doesn’t have time for it,” she said.

Basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and water polo are all great sports, but student-athletes are always more fond of one than the other.  For example, senior Jonathan Davila, who plays basketball, football, and runs track, prefers football over all the other sports he has played. “When I’m out there playing, I’m not really thinking of anything. I just go blank and focus on the game,” he said.

Freshman Ashley Rodriguez, who plays basketball and volleyball, likes volleyball more than because playing it comes naturally and it’s a fun sport that allows you to meet new people.

Sophomore Onalis Garcia, who plays, volleyball, flag football, soccer and softball, prefers softball over all. “It’s so thrilling. The feeling I get when I’m up hitting is exciting. My heart is pumping and all I feel is everything in slow motion,” she said.

MH sports fans have different opinions on which sport stands out the most at Miami High. Sophomore Michelle Sanchez believes the boys volleyball team is eye-catching because the boys play with passion and are aggressive. “Not only do the boys play like this, but they also have a special bond,” she said.

Senior Ronald Sosa thinks soccer stands out the most because “the soccer players always stick together, and they also play as a whole team,” he said.

Some teams have had spectacular seasons. Athletic director Mr. Graham says that so far this year the girls basketball team has had the most successful season based on wins and losses. “Coach Boozer does a great job with the girls,” he said. Also he believes the boys and girls track teams, being in season, are doing a great job. Mr. Graham gives credit to Coach Bernard and Coach Adams for helping the track teams get better.

There are many sports available at Miami High, some are very known and others not so much. Mr. Graham believes golf should be known by more people. “I was hoping to have a lot more interest in it… the students don’t really think we have it,” he said.

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