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Behind the Scenes at Stingtown News

TV production teacher Dr. Underwood said they do

TV production teacher Dr. Underwood said they do "160 shows produced every day: one show in English and Noticias Hoy in Spanish."

TV production teacher Dr. Underwood said they do "160 shows produced every day: one show in English and Noticias Hoy in Spanish."

By Claudia Farrada, Staff Writer

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Lights, Camera, Action! Stingtown News has been part of Miami High since 1987. 160 shows are produced every year and two live shows every day; one show is produced in English and another one in Spanish.

Stingtown News started off with just one small camera. However, Dr. Underwood got a big grant and started buying more things to better the news. Ms. Wills was originally in charge of TV production, but she asked Dr. Underwood to take charge of the class. When TV production was brought to Miami High, a new studio was built to bring Stingtown news to life.

Students choose this class for many different reasons. Senior Elian Gonzalez, who has been a part of TV production for 4 years, said, “Since I was smaller, I always had a liking for film and TV, so when I came to Miami High, I was introduced to TV production and I loved it from the start.”

Senior Pedro Ramos said, “I’ve always loved imitating the radio voice so TV production was an interesting choice.”

Many students get TV production by mistake, and many don’t want the class, but others have fallen in love with it like sophomore Dante Galan.  He said, “It turned out to be something really fun that also comes with a lot of responsibility.”

TV production students work in front of the cameras as news anchors.

The students of Stingtown News have their own rituals. For example, senior Jorge Cruz likes to personally tell everyone, “Hey, we’re going to have a good show.”

“I hum deep tunes and say a tongue twister. When it’s the moment right before I go on camera, I breathe slow, smile wide, and get in the mindset,” said Pedro.

When you tune in to Stingtown news, everything might seem perfect and easy, but TV production is far from easy. Sophomore Alexandra Duque said, “But all the hard work pays off when we have a good show.”

Seniors like Pedro that have been in the class for several years still find it challenging. He said, “It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, trial and error … Doing a live show every day is not for the faint-hearted.”

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