The Truth is Out There

March 12, 2018

By definition, extraterrestrials (aka aliens) are “from outside the Earth or its atmosphere.” Some people would say it’s a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space whose intelligence capacity is greater than ours. There has been an ongoing debate over their existence for years. Do you believe there is life beyond us?


Are we alone?

Biology teacher Dr. Yoham believes there is life on another planet because the possibilities are endless. So does sophomore Lucy Severo who said, “Just as there came to be humans on Earth, there can be other species on any other planet.”

According to the article “The Search for Life in the Universe” posted on the website for NASA, “Life on Earth is the only known life in the universe, but there are compelling arguments to suggest we are not alone. Indeed, most astrophysicists accept a high probability of there being life elsewhere in the universe, if not on other planets or on moons within our own solar system.”


Have you ever encountered a UFO?

It’s not every day you can say you have seen a UFO before. Usually when people have encountered one, others tend to think it’s a hoax.  However, senior Justin Flores said one of his friends was in California when they saw a glowing object moving in the sky.

Junior Henry Elvir says, “I was in upstate New York, in the backyard jumping on a trampoline, when I saw this object in the sky which appeared to be a UFO. I tried to find my sister and tell her, but when I looked at the sky, the object disappeared.”


What do you think aliens look like?

If you have seen the movie E.T. you probably think aliens are nice and helpful. However, growing up, our perspective has changed. Green, slimy and oval heads are all the descriptions shows and movies have given us. But have you really thought about how they truly look?

Sophomore Sandy Rubi said, “They probably look weird and different from what we have seen on television.”

Senior Erick Mendoza said, “I think aliens would have a similar body structure as us humans. They might even be smarter than us too.”


Finding actual proof of alien existence

Students at Miami High believe that if technology keeps on improving, then there’s a chance of proving alien existence. I think within the next 10 years we should be able to at least find some proof or hints of alien existence,” said senior Aziel Gil.

Cecile Chacon said, “It will possibly take a while till we find out, unless we have a super-advanced technological system that helps us track evidence of alien existence.”

But if you’re an “X-File” fan just like me, then it’s safe to believe that “the truth is out there.” Biology teacher Mr. Sanchez adds, “I believe we already have proof now, but the government is hiding it from us for our best interest. I think within the next ten years, we’ll have definite proof.”

Some students agree. Senior Lee Asa says, “The government is probably hiding a lot of things from us because we as a people and civilization may not be ready for it.”

Senior Cecile Chacon believes that the government is hiding information, but the people should have the right to know about extraterrestrials even though “they think us civilians would freak out.”

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