Miss Berrios, Our Own Alumna

By Claudia Farrada, Staff Writer

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Miss Berrios and Ariel Trueba proudly celebrating her Masters in Educational Leadership from FIU on December 16, 2017.

Have you ever seen that English teacher that is really excited about teaching and training new teachers? That’s Ms. Berrios.


High school life

Ms. Berrios graduated from Miami High with the class of 2008. Some of the teachers she had as a high school student are still here such as Dr. Hueck, Ms. Inguanzo, Mr. Tornillo, and others.

Asked about how the school has changed since she was a student here, Ms. Berrios said Miami High is full of life and diverse cultures, as it’s always been. While in high school she was very active, serving as class secretary and BETA president and being part of FEA and other clubs.


Becoming a teacher

Like many other kids, Ms. Berrios wanted to be many things while she was growing up. From an early age, she had a liking towards teaching. “I would set up my dolls and teach, and even make folders for them with work inside,” she said.

While a student at Miami Senior High, she considered being a journalist, but after talking to Mr. Nelson Cartaya, the junior class advisor at the time, she realized that maybe teaching was the right career for her. When Ms. Berrios attended the University of Florida, her love for reading and writing grew, so she decided to major in English and minor in Educational Studies.


Teaching 10th grade

Ms. Berrios tries to teach her students that passing tests is important, but they must learn about life and building character. She loves helping her students learn about themselves, and teaches them to expand their horizons.

“Teaching sophomore English is fun because they come in more mature, and are more focused because they understand the importance of their GPA,” Ms. Berrios said.


Coming back to Miami High

Ms. Berrios’s teaching career began at Norland Senior High school as a 9th grade English teacher, but after 2 years, she decided it was time for something new and started considering jobs at other schools.

After taking a job at Mater Academy, Ms. Berrios received a text from Miami High science department chairperson Dr. Hueck telling her principal Mr. Valdes wanted to speak with her.

“As soon as I walked inside Miami High, I forgot about everything. I felt like I was home,” Ms. Berrios said. Mr. Valdes offered her a job, and she has felt at home again ever since.

Ms. Berrios has a deep and warm love for Miami High and she will always consider it to be her forever home.


Future Educators of America (FEA)

FEA has been a part of Ms. Berrios’s life since she was a student at Miami High, so when she found out there was an opening for FEA sponsor, she didn’t think twice about it.

“FEA is about giving back to teachers and about promoting this profession, so what a better way to build leaders and to get my kids excited about teaching and possibly becoming future educators?” Ms. Berrios said.


Outside Life

Like every teacher, Ms. Berrios has a very interesting life outside of school. She enjoys running, going to the beach, tanning, and playing with her dogs.

Traveling is something she loves the most, and some of the places she has been to are Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Switzerland, and recently she spent spring break in Jamaica.

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