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The end is close, are you ready?

By Paola Urribarri, Copy Editor

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Seniors, seniors, seniors! College is coming soon. Have you started to work on your applications? This year will for sure pass quickly, and college is closer than you may think. SATs, ACTs, GPAs, application fees, Dual Enrollment, AP Classes… Senior year can be a lot, so you must make sure you get ready properly.


Where are you going to college?

Most seniors in Miami High don’t see past Miami Dade College or FIU. Perhaps 70% of the seniors I interviewed are not considering colleges or universities out-of-state, or to be more specific, out of the city. Senior Misael Gonzalez, part of the Cheerleading team, said, “I’m only applying to Miami Dade and FIU. I really don’t know, maybe also UF and USF. Everything they are telling us is too much, and I don’t understand it.”

Claudia Santana said, “I like Miami, so I don’t want to leave. I’m going to go to FIU, where they have a good program for the career I’m going for.” Chanel Alvarez said, “FIU and UM are two of the best universities in the state so I’m applying there. It is also cheaper for me since I need financial help.”

However, others do want to get out of town as soon as possible. Senior Kevin Garcia comments, “I’m ready to go to college. I hate high school, and I don’t want to go to no school in Florida. All the colleges I’m applying to are out-of-state.” Maria Bolboa said, “I have been ready since sophomore year. I have my essay, and I already started applying. I really want to go to Boston University.”


Getting that degree is expensive

Others would like to go out of town, but only if they can afford it. Senior Freddy Medina said, “I really want to go to the University of Toronto, but I don’t know if I will get in, so my plan is doing the four years of college here in Miami Dade, and then apply to U of T.” Valeria Morillo said, “I really want to go out of state, but I need a scholarship or financial aid, so I’m going wherever they give me the help.”


Anxiety in the halls

The common point for everyone, regardless of where they want to go to college, is that applying is a long and complex process. Emily Mendes complained about application fees. “The whole college process is already expensive,” she said, “and they also make you pay this fee for nothing! You don’t even know if you are getting in.” Alison Mendoza said, “Everything is so confusing and the universities’ websites with the admission information are unhelpful. I don’t know what to do right now. I have to go talk with CAP advisor Ms. Puentes.”

Some seniors in Miami High feel the pressure. Senior Jacky Zhang said, “When the idea of not getting into the colleges I like, passes through my mind, I feel soul-crushed. I think I’m mostly prepared. I often meet with Ms. Puentes, but I can’t help to feel anxious.” Cyan James said, “SAT and ACT testing are a constant pressure for me. I’m aiming high and studying a lot, but I get really nervous about it.”


Go to CAP!

A lot of students who know what to do have spoken at least once with Ms. Puentes, and she invites every senior to go talk with her. “Come get help,” she said, “the months go by fast. The sooner you start working, the better it will be for you.”


College Acceptance rates:
• Stanford University – 4.65%
• University of Miami – 37.8%
• University of Florida – 38%
• University of South Florida – 47.5%
• University of Central Florida – 48.6%
• Florida International University – 56%
• Florida State University – 56%
• Miami Dade College – 100%

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Senior in Journalism II

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