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Learn from Grandma Yoly!

By Rosa Mendoza, 12th Grade

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Since very young, I was taught by my grandmother that fashion and clothing always represented your classy and professional self. She lived on so much to this ideal that, in any case scenario, she would never dress down, even if it cost her her life. “Primero muerta, que sencilla.”

As I got older, I realized just how much her ideals influenced me, and the love I grew for fashion and designing was over the roof. In addition, an ideal that my grandmother taught me was to always represent who you are through your clothing. This would explain why I would wear the most weirdest of items, even up to this day. Disregarding all the peculiar looks I would get for wearing fake cheeseburger earrings from Claires and tap-dancing shoes throughout elementary- these items would come to represent my enthusiastic and quirky personality. Through my grandma’s ideals I learned that no matter what, you should always dress for YOU and not for anybody else. I hope to inspire others to live on with this mindset and be their upmost authentic self.

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