Let’s Play!


By Jose Daniel Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Videogames are very popular, which in recent years have occupied a lot of time in many lives. Video games are something positive or negative because they can help people with stress, but they can also make people addicted.

Many people play, but some do it casually and others in an addictive way. Biology teacher Ms. Rulan said, “Playing in excess is bad, because it deprives you of interacting with people and of exercising, provoking problems of obesity and problems with socializing in the real life.”    10th grader Ernesto Arbolaez said, “Playing the game in excess can cause mental problems. Sophomore Erika Ubold said, “If you play daily, it becomes a problem and it goes from something good to bad.”   Many people perceive that videogames also have advantages. For example, Yoselin Perez, also of 10th grade, said, “Video games are not a bad thing, as long as you have control over it and do not play it in excess.”   In this topic parents have a great influence when their child is attracted to video games. Some parents think that playing is not good. Sophomore Luiz Pacheco’s father said: “Videogames are a waste of time which should be used for other things like study.”    Other parents see it both ways. For example, the parents of student Braney Jimenez said, “They’re good for having fun for a while or losing stress, but it should not be addictive because it would turn bad.”