Juggling School and Work

"When I began working at Dominos, I thought I was going to be an outcast to everyone else. Who would've thought I'd be working with such amazing and uplifting people?"

By Priscila Rivas

   While some students are happy to be free when the bell rings at 2:20, others are changing their school uniform for their job uniform. These students are living a double life outside of school that no one really talks about.

Miami High students work in different places and positions. For example, sophomore Christopher Colindres works at McDonalds as a team member, senior Stephanie Chavez works at Winn Dixie as a cashier, and junior Gabriel Morales works at Pollo Tropical as a shift leader.

Not everyone found their job the same way. Senior Cynthia Perez got her job when she was at Miracle Mile shopping like any other day. “I was offered a job at DSW Shoes after the manager noticed how I would shop frequently. Now I have an employee discount of 50% off any shoes,”  she said.

Bryan Valdes got his job at Walgreens after he joked around with the cashier about being broke. “I was trying to flirt with the cashier and mentioned I was looking for a job, and she offered me a spot for a stock person, and now she’s my manager,” he said.

Students also work for different reasons. Senior Glenda Cabezas, who works at Smoothie King, said, “I’m going to collage soon, and even though I receive financial aid, not everything is covered.” Junior Vanessa Mezana, who works at Publix, started working because both for herself and to help her mother pay bills.

Some students don’t struggle keeping up with school while holding a job. Sophomore Joshua Lightbourne, who works at Taco Bell, states that because he only works weekends, his job does not affect his education whatsoever.

Senior Andrea Maltes, who works at Home Depot, said that work has not affected her education because she learned how to manage her time wisely. She said, “I try to do all my homework in any free time I have. For example, I take advantage of my monitor class and do all my homework there.”

However, not everything is perfect for these working teens. Sophomore Kevin Sangineto, who works at McDonalds, said, “I can’t stand working with impatient customers and having to still keep a straight face towards them.” Similarly, senior Melissa Pomareda, who works at Target, said, “Dealing with rude customers can be irritating and makes my job a lot harder.”

Although their jobs can be a handful, many students appreciate different things about working. Junior Amalia Fernandez said, “Working at KFC can be stressful, but when the paycheck comes around, I realize it’s worth it.”

Nestor Gonzalez, a junior who works with his dad at a digital design company, states, “Every day I get to do what I love and design different things.”

I myself am a sophomore who works at Dominos, and even though dealing with rude customers can be a hassle, there is no doubt my coworkers will defend me. Some of my coworkers actually attend Miami High,and we can relate about how difficult it is waking up early in the morning after finishing a 12 hour shift the night before.

Although it gets busy and very tiring, we goof around while still getting the work done. When I began working at Dominos, I thought I was going to be an outcast to everyone else. Who would’ve thought I’d be working with such amazing and uplifting people?


Who Works Where?

Mayisha Perez, Senior DSW
Bryan Valdes, Junior Walgreens
Glenda Cabezas, Senior Smoothie King
Vanessa Mezana, Junior Publix
Joshua Lightbourne, Sophomore Taco Bell
Andrea Maltes, Senior Home Depot
Kevin Sangineto, Sophomore Mcdonalds
Melissa Pomareda, Junior Target
Amalia Fernandez, Junior KFC
Nestor Gonzalez, Junior Digital Design
Priscila Rivas, Sophomore Dominos