Band: The Ultimate Experience

By Lucianne Servat, Staff Writer

   Miami Senior High has a long history of students joining the Million Dollar Band. The marching band isn’t just about learning to play an instrument and move around a field; it’s about learning to work together and make something beautiful.

“Over all it’s a good experience because you get to have fun with people who share the same interests as you,” said rookie clarinet player Lara Herrero. Rookie saxophone player Michael Albert added, “It is all about commitment, hard work, and having fun at the same time.”

The band director Mr. Campos loves the bonding and the fact that he comes to make and teach music. “It is the best job in the world.”


What is it like?

Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s easy. Rookie flute player Paola Pomareda said, “It’s hard being a rookie because you have no authority over the veterans. However, it’s still a fun experience because you meet new people and make new friends.”

Many students have also said that marching is very tiring. The practices they have during the summer and during school days can be exhausting. “There’ve been times where I’ve wanted to quit because of how tiring marching was. Then I got used to it and started loving the people and the environment of it. I’m glad I decided to stay,” said veteran saxophone player April Espinoza.

Each person has their own distinctive experience from being in the band. Drum Major Daniela Suarez said that being a leader was stressful at first because she was a junior her first year in that position. Now that she’s a senior, she’s realized how extensive music can be, and how much responsibility it takes to lead a band.


What is it about?

Besides learning new music and techniques, marching band is mostly about working together to perfect and improve their performances. Band Captain Oscar Salguero said, “Marching band has taught me to work as a team. It helped me understand that teamwork helps achieve any final goal.” Veteran and percussion captain Ashley Yuen had a similar response. She added, “Marching band has taught me a lot about teamwork and how to work with other people under stressful circumstances. I learned that it takes a lot from a person physically and mentally.”

Communication is key to getting everyone to collaborate and work together. “I’ve learned to be more direct with other people in my commands. I’ve learned how to get my point across and communicate better,” said veteran and woodwind captain Ginelle Servat.

 “I stayed in band because I loved the homey environment and how we’re all one big family,” said drum major Daniela Suarez.

Why’d you join?

Each person has their own reasons for joining. Lara Herrero said, “I’ve been playing the clarinet for many years, and I wanted to continue in high school.” Paola Pomareda added, “I joined because I loved band in middle school. I enjoyed watching bands march and play music while being on a field.”

Ginelle Servat  joined because she also wanted to continue playing her instrument. “I stayed because I loved the people there and the friends I made,” she said. Oscar Salguero joined because of the huge family that had formed. “It’s an irreplaceable connection,” he said. Similarly, Daniela Suarez loves the homey environment, the bond, and how they’re all one big family.