Girls Water Polo Team

Senior and water polo captain Katherine Ribao reports that due to Covid-19 this year’s water polo season wasn’t really what anyone expected it to be. The only practice the team had in the beginning was dryland — cardio and weights. It went on like that for about 3 months. Finally, in February of 2021, their coach, Mr. Tornillo, had finally announced that they were all going back to the pool.  

   “With it being my senior year, I was expecting to be able to invite friends and families to games, but was unable to do so due to some schools having strict guidelines with Covid. To the boys and girls water polo team, all that mattered was being able to have games and practice. Yes, there were setbacks this year, but we were able to make the most of it. We laughed, cried, and even sprayed our coach with water at times when we were swimming — sorry about that, T. With the improvement that I saw this year, I know for a fact that next year’s water polo team, for both boys and girls, will be better and stronger.” (By Lester Flores)