Emilsen, Our SGA President!


Emilsen in the library after an SGA senator meeting.

By Joshua Espinoza, Staff Writer

Always fully involved in school activities, senior Emilsen Bonilla is a proud Miami High student. She loves Miami High and is proud of the milestones she has achieved here. She never imagined the incredible people she would meet, the great teachers she would have, and the amazing memories she would make. Coming to Miami High is like no experience she will ever have again.


Emilsen has faced many obstacles in life, but they have never held her back from accomplishing the best. She was an only child until 2015, when her younger sister Milaly was born.

Since then, Emilsen became an overachiever in hopes that her sister will look up to her and accomplish even more. Although her sister is too young to realize it, Emilsen’s drive as a leader comes from her. She is hoping to be the best role model for her younger sister.

“Funny, dedicated, hardworking, friendly, and a leader,” is how her friends would describe her, Emilsen says. During her free time, she enjoys the company of her loved ones, listening to music, and working on college applications. The best advice she has ever been given is “show don’t tell and prove with your actions.”

 Student Government Association

In December of 2020, during her junior year, without any involvement in Student Government Association (SGA), Emilsen decided that she wanted to be SGA president. She wanted to be the change Miami High needed, and she wanted to leave an impact before graduation.

This school year, Emilsen is open to new ideas for the school. She is willing to break barriers and bring in more projects. One of her biggest goals is bringing in more student involvement because the experiences at Miami High are one of a kind.

At the start of her run as SGA president, she had goals, but they were not as clear as they currently are. Now she is focusing on making homecoming memorable and encouraging seniors to start their college applications. She is a great leader and is hoping to do activities that Stings were unable to do last year because of virtual learning and COVID-19.

Academic Involvement

Ever since Emilsen was a freshman, she loved being involved in school activities. She joined Beta and became historian. Junior year, she joined cheer and discovered it’s where her heart truly lies. Cheer was a new experience and helped her grow as a person.

She said, “Cheer is a sport just like football. We all come together to collaborate and learn how to appreciate one another.” The self-development that she experienced in cheer allowed her to feel confident in her run as SGA president, allowing her to be more involved than ever.

At the beginning of every month, Emilsen makes a schedule which allows her to manage her time in cheer, SGA, work, and at home. She paces herself and knows her limits. On days off she does her homework and studies. She advises other Stings to manage their time, and don’t overdo it because mental health is the most important thing.

She genuinely enjoys writing; therefore, English is her favorite subject. It allows her to explore herself and lay out ideas and put them together. AP English, journalism, and creative writing are some of the best courses she has ever taken since her creativity roams free.

Down the road

When senior year is over, Emilsen wants to be remembered as the SGA president that made a change and brought back school spirit. She hopes to attend Florida State University or University of Florida where she will major in dentistry. Florida State has one of the best programs for first generation students called CARE, and she believes it will allow her to navigate and experience college in a great way.

In ten years, she sees herself having her own dental clinic working as a dentist. She is prepared and excited for life after high school. “Go Seminoles!” she says.

Emilsen at the Homecoming game with last year’s SGA President, Danelia Nunez.

Facts about Emilsen

  • – Her favorite color is green.
  • – She was born in Los Angeles, California.
  • – Her back up career is teaching.
  • – Her Zodiac sign is a Virgo.
  • – She is Honduran.
  • – Her favorite food is pasta.