Final Mural


Final Mural, first building first floor.

There is an old mural newly installed at Miami High that shows a community of students and adults using scientific and musical instruments, performing surgery, working at a construction site and other scenes. The top middle of the mural shows two women beside a structure defined by its Greco-Roman architecture.

   “The stars all aligned at this point in time for the reintroduction of this historical and beautiful work of art that will now, once again, continue to be part of the legacy of Miami High,” said assistant principal Mr. Zabala who, along with Miami High alumnus Fred Darwick, security monitor Eddy Rodriguez, the MHS Alumni Association, MDCPS Maintenance, and Boy Scout Troop 575, restored a historic and beautiful mural in the first floor hallway in the main building.

The mural was part of a WPA art project from the Depression Era in the 1930’s and it hung in the library until it was removed during a maintenance project, and it remained hidden until this year. The process of putting up this mural was planned and prepared for months and finally, during the Veteran’s Day holiday, was installed.  All Stings should stop by the remarkable mural and admire the history behind it and the work it took for it to be part of Miami High once again.