Are Crocs fashionable?


Freshman wears crocs with designed charms, inspired by former player Kobe Bryant.

By Benjamin Joseph, Staff Writer

Fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress or manners of behavior. Crocs are taking over the shoe game especially in Miami High

The High’s students say Crocs are fashionable and can be worn for many reasons. Sophomore Jordana Gutierrez said, “They can be worn with a nice outfit, or to run errands, all while being comfortable.” Freshman Carla Calix said, “I like my normal pink which look cute and nice.”

Freshman Daniela Salgado added, “You can personalize it to your mood or style. My Crocs were styled with charms of rapper Bad Bunny, and some other charms to make them look cute and animated.”

According to an entry on Wikipedia, Crocs were originally made for being on boats. Famous people, even presidents, have used Crocs and normal people like us. That is the reach Crocs has on the world. “In 2007, President George W. Bush wore black Crocs with socks publicly.” Crocs are so iconic and popular even presidents are wearing them.

Crocs can be found everywhere. You could find them in stores and online. Daniela said she bought hers at the Crocs Store in Miami International Mall for $40-$60.

Some people say Crocs can be too expensive at this price. Sophomore Homardeyvi Gonzalez said $50 is way too much, and $25 would be a more reasonable price. Indeed, Crocs can be bought on sale for cheap. Sophomore Wilkins Castillo got his pair of Crocs for $20.

Many people believe that Crocs are better than normal shoes because they are comfortable and practical. However, Daniela Salgado points out, “It’s an alternative to normal shoes, but for something formal, it’s not your best pick.”