My Experience in Cuba After 3 Years


By Jam Torres, Staff Writer

   Known for its cigars, rum and beaches, Cuba is my home country. During winter break of 2021, I went back to its great views, my family, and culture. I had so much fun connecting with loved ones and reliving my childhood. 

    The reason that I decided to go to Cuba was because I wanted to see my family members, and also see my old friends, school, and teachers. I also decided to go because I love traveling. It is a way for me to release stress from school and just a nice get away from all of that. It is always fun and exciting. 

   During my flight to Cuba, I had a wonderful experience and didn’t have any difficulties in departure or in landing safely. While in Guantanamo, Cuba, for breakfast I would eat different types of food, such as bread with scrambled eggs or plantains with fried eggs and scrambled eggs. In the afternoon, for lunch we would have either rice with beans, potatoes either baked or fried with pork or chicken, ropa vieja, tamales, or to tostones relleno. During dinner, we would have either caldera or soup. 

    In Cuba, I would entertain myself by going horseback riding, looking at the animals around the area, such as cows, sheeps, cats, dogs, horses, pigs, etc. I’d also have long conversations with my cousins. I would also gather fruits from plants and trees such as mangos, oranges, tamarindos etc. around my uncle’s farm where I was staying. I would also help with meals that were being prepared, but when I found myself not doing anything, I would just sit outside enjoying the nice breeze and nature. 

   While in Cuba, my family and I would talk about our experience living in the U.S. and if I preferred living in Florida more than in Cuba. My response was that I like being in the U.S. more but I still sometimes would miss coming to Cuba. We’d also visit a few friends we’ve known over the years and go out together to a seafood restaurant that we visit each time we are in Cuba. After we finished dining, we made our way to the beach and spent 5 hours playing volleyball, hide and seek, and having a nice time all together. We would also cook macho hazado on the beach and different family members would pass by to have a nice time. We also went to Havana, where we had family members and would go visit the theme park Coney Island. 

   Some new things that I experienced in Cuba were how much things had changed ever since I was there 3 years ago. Some things that I saw that had changed where places such as buildings that were repainted or taken down.   

   The Covid situation in Cuba is a bit stricter than in the US. For example, if the police saw you without a mask while you were going out anywhere, they will fine you with a ticket and give you a warning for not following the Covid rules. If you want to travel back to your country or state, you need to take a Covid-19 test. In case it was to come out positive, you would have to stay for a few days and then take another to see what your results are. 

  The situation in Cuba about freedom is complicated. Many of my classmates who are Cubans  say that people have no freedom because the government doesn’t provide the people with recourse, opportunities, freedom of speech, and the right to vote. They say hospitals are underfunded and over populated and schools have no resources to even teach. However, I did not experiences any of these problem that Cuban citizens face.