The MHS Spiderman

By Christopher Reyes, Staff Writer


A photo shoot some Spider-Men did with the photography club.

  There have been some superheroes going around Miami High, specifically The Amazing Spider-man, or should I say, Spider-men. A bunch of people have been going around dressed as Spider-man in the school. It’s a sort of event, where people are taking pictures and cosplaying as their favorite superhero, in the spider-verse. There are characters such as Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, and even Carnage. 

   It all started in Spirit Week, during Costume Day. The Instagram account owner who will be remaining anonymous throughout the story, wore a Spiderman outfit to school. After that, he wore it on a regular day. The 9th and 10th grade English teacher Ms. Clark has a poster of him up in her room. That’s where the trend started to gain traction. Other people started wearing Spider-man related costumes. People   went and hung around as Spider-man and having fun. 

   The tag for the Instagram account is @mhs_spidey. They post pictures of different versions of Spider-man around the school. They have 378 followers as of right now. They are currently working on a Power Rangers costume. It’s said that the full costume set of the owner might come before next spirit week. Sometimes, the owner also decides to stream on 

    A couple of people have gotten in trouble from this. Officially, assistant principal Mr. Arscott said, one student got sent to CSI because of this. According to John Perez, a 9th grade student, it was during breakfast where someone dressed as Spider-man ran across the cafeteria and they even high fived someone on the run. He was later caught outside of school and sent to CSI.  

   There have also been a couple of people who have broken the rules as Spider-man but were never caught. One time, a Spider-man climbed on the roof of the walkway between the gym and the rest of the school. There was a video of them up there, and they were never caught.  

   In another incident, according to the freshman Fernando Guell, 2 students dressed in Spider-man costumes were skipping class in the gym, and they were taking pictures with other people. The security guards were called but they got away before they could get caught.     

The @mhs_spidey account owner posing with someone cosplaying as Symbiote Spider-Man.

   Most students have relatively positive opinions of the whole thing. Most of them are saying it’s a lot of fun. Luca Passalacqua, a sophomore, is also a Spider-man. He says he does it for fun and thinks it’s a sort of club activity. Fernando Guell thinks it’s funny, and it’s the best trend going around the school right now. Another anonymous freshman thinks it’s fine as long as people aren’t doing anything too bad with it.  

   Ms. Clark is quite indifferent about it. A student in her class was really excited about the whole Spider-man thing, and the class even had a running joke about Spider-man being the classroom mascot and having a life size figure. Instead, they settled for a poster in her room.  

   The geometry teacher, Mr. Urrusuno, thinks it’s funny as long as people aren’t climbing onto roofs with it. He has had no experience with any Spider-men. 

   Mr. Arscott said, “If it wasn’t dangerous and it was outside of the school, it would be cool to do it.” They don’t allow it because it’s considered unsafe and trespassing when people climb onto roofs.  He also said that he doesn’t have to agree with it or like it, but he understands why it’s happening: because of social media and popularity. 

   When the owner of the account was asked about people doing troublesome things in a Spider-man costume, he said, “I’m pretty sure nobody is doing anything against the law but if they are, that’s on them. All I want to do is make people laugh.” 

Characters from Spider-Man seen around Miami High 

  • Peter Parker 

  • Miles Morales 

  • Gwen Stacy 

  • Carnage 

  • Symbiote Spider-Man