Thespians Year in Review


Thespians finished the year doing a musical showcase featuring songs from Mamma Mia.

By Christopher Reyes, Staff Writer

  Thespians’ club sponsor Ms. Fernandez reports that the 2021 – 2022 school year was successful. Some of their biggest accomplishments were winning the Honoria club tournament and musical theater placing in homecoming. She says that because they’re such a small group competing against other bigger ones, these accomplishments were exciting. Some shows they’re proud of are the winter show, where they played The Nightmare Before Christmas, and a show called Viral, which is about cyberbullying and how it affects the real world.  

   Ms. Fernandez says there were many important people in the Thespians this year. The president, Anieth Berrios, is the face of the club and helps with meetings. Javier Rodriguez, who received the Paul Bell Award, helps with backstage and performances that come into the theater. Isabella Rivero has been helping with painting, making banners, and overall, anything they need. Omar Tellez and Tifany Betancourt both won a superior at the district level for their Individual Events. Tess Berrios won awards for district and at state. 

   This year, some students were missing in the spring play, but they decided to improvise. Also, they couldn’t get the rights to the Mamma Mia show. Instead, they did a musical theater showcase with songs featured from Mamma Mia on May 25.