SGA in a Nutshell

By Joshua Espinoza, Staff Writer

SGA 2021-22 Officers: Karina Garcia, Sarahi Rodriguez, Emilsen Bonilla, Mario Zeron, Emily Chouza, and Daniel Jordana.

Student Government Association sponsor Ms. Puentes reports that SGA had incredible success throughout the 2021-22 school year.

To start off, she is proud to report that SGA brought back school spirit and activities that were unable to be completed during times of Covid. “SGA made a name for itself once again,” she shared. SGA hosted many activities such as paint-a-can, class night, club fest, decision day, and Sadie Hawkins. There were amazing turnouts; nearly over 100 students attended each event.

More recently, Ms. Puentes is thrilled to share the Flo Initiative which is a service that focuses on providing female hygiene products. This service began because the women of SGA believed that female hygiene products like pads should be easily accessible to all girls throughout the school.

With voting concluded on May 26, the new SGA officers for the 2022-2023 school year were announced on May 31: Thalia Benoit as President, Jennifer Reina as 1st Vice President, Laura Solar as 2nd Vice President, Samantha Gonzalez as Treasurer, Matthew Rodriguez as Corresponding Secretary, and Emerita Flores as Recoding Secretary.

Ms. Puentes would like to acknowledge all of her 2021-2022 officers: Emilsen Bonilla, Emily Chouza, Karina Garcia, Mario Zeron, Daniel Jordana, and Sarahi Rodriguez. She shares that it was really tough coming back from the last two years and the officers had to learn so much without her guidance, but they were the right people for the job. The officers didn’t just help with SGA but also with CAP and it demonstrated their leadership abilities, and she can’t wait to see how they apply that when they get to college. She said, “It has been an honor and a pleasure. I am indebted to them.”

Looking back, Ms. Puentes said the biggest challenges were being unsure if SGA could host events this year due to the restrictions caused by Covid. Last year’s SGA were unable to do much because it is when Covid was at its worst, but thankfully this year’s SGA were able to get past it. Covid rules became more flexible, and SGA started to plan events because they had the greenlight from the district. It was also difficult for the officers to get used to one another because their work ethics varied, but eventually they found a way to work together. This year’s SGA tried their best to bring back school spirit. Ms. Puentes said, “I hope next year’s SGA perseveres as much as this year’s did despite so much uncertainty.”