MHS Baseball Team!


By Lisandro Iglesias , Staff Writer

Many Stings wonder what our Miami High baseball players were up to this offseason. This summer, the Miami High players practice with their trainers and clubs. There is a particular organization called the South Florida Bullsharks which is run by Miami High baseball coach Mr. Edwin Bonilla. This organization is where most Miami High players went for summer training and to play games all around Florida.
¬† Summer baseball is officially over and now fall condition is starting. The official season will be starting in January 2023. On Thursday, August 18,2022, the Miami High baseball team held a meeting for any fresh players that would like to join the team. This includes the team’s veterans returning from last season. 30 players attended. There are many new candidates, but do they have the spirit and passion of the Stingarees? If interested in joining the Miami High baseball team, see coach Bonilla in room 7101.