The Path Of Moving On

By Anderson Cabrera, Online Editor

When you are moving on, you are starting over a new leaf and working on that art known as Life. Choosing not to move on you are not gaining anything. Because doing that shows a lot in character, staying stuck on someone for prolonged periods of time makes you look obsessed. You start changing how you act. Because of that person, you lose what makes you your own person. We are our own person, and we should not have someone take control of our life because we cannot move on its better to “Forgive n Forget” sometimes. In my personal experience the idea of choosing to move on is difficult, but lately it has been easier.

I had this friend I cared deeply for, but then we had problems. One of the main reasons I got close with that person was that we would always get into drama, but then it got out of control. It took a toll on both of us, so in the end, we decided it was better to cut each other off. It was hard to move on at first because they were one of the main sources of people that I used to talk to.

However, over time I grew to make new friends with more positive connections, and they were always there for me while I was taking the time that I needed to focus on myself. There were days that I wanted to go back to my old friend, but eventually I realized that if I ever did go back to being friends with them, it would just take a toll on us. At the end of July, I fully and finally accepted the fact that it was better for me to move on from them.

Forgiving someone can also help you move on. The phrase “Forgive and Forget” has a meaningful impact. Sometimes people can either do something that you do not like, and you cut them off or you start drama with them but doing that is terrible on both sides. You could be the bigger person and talk to them and try resolving that issue. You could forgive them and still be friends with them if they are willing to change for their own good or forgive and forget.

My friends are good people. I am glad I met them and that our bond is like family. One of them is Isobella Carreras a junior and once told me, “Moving on is a good thing that can be beneficial mentally and physically. Like in a breakup it might be hard, but you cannot be depressed about it. You learn what you like and do not like in a partner and learn from your mistakes and move on. Focus on yourself mentally and love and put yourself first.”

Another friend she Tara Wright a Junior, she gave me her opinion on moving on she had said “Personally it’s been pretty easy, and it’s only been hard to get over one person, it would be two if something happened with me and my s/o. I feel like breaking up shouldn’t involve other people or starting drama over the breakup”.  Another friend named Isabella Martinez a junior, said “I think you should surround yourself to people that keep you happy, and help you not think about your worries.”

From the way I see it, you don’t exactly move on; you just accept the fact that the rope on that was around your neck stopping you from moving on is loose enough for you to keep pushing forward and looking into the bright side of life and improving yourself. It’s better to take it as a lesson to avoid what kept you behind so long.