Is the MCU Dying

By Johnathan Brugal , Staff Writer

     Marvel movies have excited me since I was a little kid.  My favorite superhero was Iron Man, but now it is becoming Spider-Man. Movies since 2009 were different and every single movie that Marvel dropped was so exhilarating.

    How come the newer movies don’t hit the same way that they used to?  Well, I always looked forward to the next movie dropped by Marvel, since it was all leading up to the movie “Infinity War”, which tied up all the storylines together. This was very interesting, and it astonished me when I first watched it.

    This was because of the way the movie ends. In the end the villain named Thanos, got what he wanted. This was different because the protagonist (The Superhero) always used to prevail. This ending when Thor failed to defeat Thanos struck many in a positive way.

    This movie ended up leading to a bigger movie in “Avengers Endgame”, and since that movie the Marvel franchise feels dry and bland. The way I see it is that ever since “Avengers Endgame”, every movie hasn’t had a goal. But that changed with “Spider-Man No Way Home”.

  The Spider-Man franchise is a wild phenomenon in Marvel that entertains millions around the world, and 2022’s “Spider-Man No Way Home” may have been the last big movie. According to the article, “Spider-Man No Way Home Beats Avatar to Become Third-Highest Grossing Movie at Domestic Box Office” posted on the website for Deadline, which is a Hollywood media corporation and research news service,  <>,this movie has made over 2.84 billion dollars in the global box office during its time on the big screen.

   This movie had intense action, good story plot, wanted actors/characters, and famous villains from previous Spider-Man movies making for an exciting and interesting film. Now that Marvel is entering “Stage 5”, the studio is expanding more than ever with many up and coming shows and movies. I believe the last big movie was “Avengers Endgame”. This movie was built from every movie before leading up to it. Since “Avengers Endgame,” I’ve been looking for that fire that’s missing in Marvel projects today.

   When discussing quality over quantity with Marvel, the quality of movies should be the top priority, rather than the number of movies they put out. I believe the quality of a movie should come first because if a movie quality is bad, it removes the viewing experience that makes Marvel special.

   In the most recent Marvel show “She Hulk”, it was noticeable that the CGI (computer-generated-imagery) was worse than previous Marvel movies, an example being “Iron Man”, that was made in 2008. Iron Man, the movie that kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, had great CGI for a movie at its time. The art style of “She-Hulk” lacked detail. Another thing I disliked about “She-Hulk” was how it had bad quips and dull comedy.

   Superhero movies, and superheroes in general, have been around for what almost feels like forever. The latest movie, “Thor Love and Thunder”, was a big hit amongst almost everyone who watched it. I believed it was a solid movie with good action and a great story.  While all of this may be true, I believe this movie fell flat with most jokes not landing.

    Nowadays it feels like superhero movies go by the same plot. For example, a villain would often show up and the protagonist tries to stop them, with many setbacks along the way. Also, the superhero always quips or makes jokes, almost like it’s a comedy movie more than an action movie. I’ve grown bored with this same style for almost every single movie made by Marvel.

     Movies, shows, and comics from Marvel have been around before I was even born. I used to read many interesting comics when I was young. The idea of superheroes hooked my interest instantly. Marvel projects lately have disappointed me sadly. Although there have been a few Marvel movies that weren’t something special, most were good and were responsible for a lot of my best memories.

      Is there a long-term future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? I believe the path we’re going with these movies isn’t that interesting. There sre some ways Marvel can improve their product though. For example, they can introduce a new “big villain”.  Another way Marvel can deal with this issue is by introducing a villain from the comics that we haven’t seen yet on the big screens. One good villain they could introduce is Galactus. He can eat planets and cause massive destruction wherever he ends up. This is only one of the many ways Marvel can improve their product leading forwards.

      Marvel movies are fun to watch when they are really well-made, but there have been many movies that flopped in my eyes. The worse Marvel movie in my opinion was “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” This movie wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t grab my attention. The first movie was pretty good, and I loved the introduction to the Ant-Man we know today. I didn’t enjoy this movie because the story was basic, with much not really being too important or anything at all to really give in to. For example, the story felt repetitive very quickly and it wasn’t connecting with me. They could have made this movie more interesting by adding a villain that’s more compelling for the viewer. A villain can be a “Make or break.”

     There was another recent film by Marvel known as “Mobius,” which was a slightly better movie, even though the movie plot was somewhat boring in the start when the pacing felt off and the start of the movie felt confusing.  Superhero movies are a really great source of entertainment. These movies have been around for so long, but it wasn’t a great experience wasting money on a movie that wasn’t really that great.

         The MCU is one of the largest organizations I’ve seen. With many different projects every year, it feels almost like Marvel never takes a break. However, many of these Marvel movies that came out so far felt a bit rushed, which I found extremely disappointing. I believe the MCU isn’t dying, but they do need to work on the quality of their movies other than the number of movies they release. Marvel has a lot to work on but with determination, I know they can help rebuild the company to what it was.

My top 5 Marvel films 

  •  Spider-Man: No Way Home 

  • Avengers: Infinity War 

  • Spider-Man 2 

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming  

  • Avengers: Endgame