Ray’s Music Journey


Ray playing the trumpet in the band room.

By Dajane Luna, Staff Writer

   In life sometimes we will meet an unfortunate series of events where we want to throw everything out the window and give everything up, but sometimes if we are open-minded and work with what we got, we will see there’s a path waiting for us to clear. So do not give up and wonder, “What if I could have done this or that etc?” Just flip the coin and open your eyes and you will see there is another side to life, so try and do your best and to never say never, just like Ray Garcia, a 10th grade Marching Band member. 

 He said, “It started with me stepping out my comfort zone and shelving my shyness away to try out for drum-line. I didn’t get in though, but the universe gave me a second opportunity with tryouts for trumpet, and I’ve worked hard ever since to be one of the greats. There have been a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of improvement.”   

 Who is Ray at MHS? 

    Ray said that he is an earnest person and is open to learning new things every day.  At times it can be challenging, and it pushes him beyond his limits.   

    During school, he always goes to the band room to practice his trumpet, especially during lunch or he will listen to music through his headphones while going to the next class. Everyday he will ask people for chargers because how much he will listen to music.  

   When he arrives at school, he anticipates having fun in all his classes and ending the day with a huge amount of homework and getting a chance to head in the band room to practice the trumpet but what he really expects to see are his friends because they make him get through the day.  


 He joined marching band because he got pushed by a friend of his and till this day is so grateful. He always enjoyed learning music and playing it. Now he is playing with an entire band. It was satisfying for him hearing how he gets to be a part of sounding like good music.  

    It has always been a goal of Ray’s to perform and play with a band. “My friends saw my talent with music, and they knew I could do it with them, so it gave me the motivation to join,” said Ray. He described the band as a family, and they push each other to be there for each other. 

     “As a friend,” Ray says, “I am caring and supportive but also a bit realistic. I will support my friends to reach their goals and meet their limits, but I also tell my friends the hard truth and at times they need to hear it.” 

Ray’s experience in the Marching Band 

    Ray said that it is important for the band members to treat their instruments like their baby since the instruments they have are very delicate and even one dent can change the entire sound. Cleaning and maintaining the instruments is also important.  

    He recommends anybody who is willing to put in the time, dedication, and commitment into the trumpet to join marching band next year. “They obviously need new people as people come and go,” he said. “The more people they have in the band the fuller and more amazing the shows will be.” 

     Ray said behind the scenes of band performances is fun “We usually have 3 hours before call time and most people go out and get food to eat and for the game as well,” he said. “On the bus ride to and back from the game, we sing our chants which gets hectic and loud, and once we are at the school at 11 at night, we’re all tired and want to go home.” 

    In the future, Ray would like to reunite with the band since the people in the marching band share a bond that you do not want to lose.   

Ray’s connection with music 

     Ray believes that music is a gift and when someone creates music, he believes that they are just spreading their gifts around the world to unite people. “When we play music, I feel happy in the moment. I get in the groove. As we’re playing in the marching band, I dance a lot to the music as the song finishes.”  

     Ray also makes his own music.  He said, “Whenever I’m hearing a song and it gets to an interesting part and then changes not how I imagined it, I go and try to create it how I would’ve done it. Plus making music and all of that you get to have crazy experiences like tours and concerts.” He says that he would love to be performing in front of thousands of people singing his song.  

    He is currently taking AP Music Theory, not only to just understand music in depth but to also create his own music. He would recommend anyone to do anything music related. “Why would you not try to learn how to play piano?” he asks. “Music Theory teacher Ms. Cid says ‘Piano players are the smartest.’” 

Ray is teaching the trumpet section for beginning band. He teaches them how to properly hold their trumpets and how to maintain them. 

Ray’s plans after high school 

    His ideal plan after he graduates is to go to college for music. If not, he’ll try to go to law school to become a lawyer. In order to go to college for music, especially for the trumpet, he says he would have to beat a lot of competition and he’s aware there are people who’ve been playing all their lives compared to him who’s been playing only for two months.  

   Besides the band, Ray is in photography club. To him, photography is another form of art that he can use to express himself. 


Ray Garcia says: 

  • “It is important for the band members to treat their instruments like their baby since the instruments they have are very delicate, and even one dent can change the entire sound.” 
  • “Music is a gift and when someone creates music, they are just spreading their gifts around the world to unite people.