Do you know about Jasmine Godoy?

Jasmine enjoys publicly speaking, this is her posing.

Jasmine enjoys publicly speaking, this is her posing.

By Federico Rizo, Staff Writer

   Jasmine Godoy is a sophomore at Miami High. A very bright student, she is in BETA and secretary of the debate team. 


Activities Around Miami High 

   Jasmine is in BETA and on the debate team at Miami High. She enjoys being in BETA because of the friendships formed. “It feels like a family,” she said.  

    Debate is something she’s very passionate about. She loves presenting and publicly speaking. “It’s helped me become more confident,” she said. As secretary of the debate team, Jasmine hopes she’s someone that the members can rely on.  

    She also wants to join Mu Alpha Theta and SNHS because she wants to find out more about the STEM field. 



    Jasmine says one of the best ways she keeps up with studying and homework is by prioritizing. “An AP class is definitely worth more than an honors class. If I have honors homework and AP homework to do, I’ll do the AP homework first,” said Jasmine.  

   She currently does not have a college she’s interested in attending, because she’s still undecided if she wants to stay in-state or out of state. “But even then, I think just going to college would be a big milestone as a first gen,” said Jasmine. She hopes to be in grad school or starting at a job within the next five years. 



    Jasmine says that her father influences her by the advice he gives, by how hardworking he is, and by his willingness to help people around him. Her father is someone she looks up to the most. Seeing her father not being able to get further education after high school makes her want to get a good education to be able to get a good job and be able to provide for herself.  

   “I just want my kids to have the most that they can because I didn’t, similar to my parents, who didn’t at some point,” said Jasmine. Seeing the hardships her parents have had as immigrants in America gives her inspiration to keep going. Jasmine said, “I’m the type of person that wants to make a difference.” 


Personal Life 

    Jasmine was born on June 16, 2007. Growing up, it was only Jasmine, her mom, and her siblings. Her dad wasn’t around for her early childhood. Being the oldest sibling has helped Jasmine develop leadership skills. “I’ve become like their second mother,” said Jasmine.  

   One thing Jasmine is very passionate about is animals; she hopes to open a foundation where individuals who are financially struggling can go and take their injured or sick pets and not have to worry about paying any fees or bills. Jasmine said, “At some point in my life, I will start that foundation.”  

   Two hobbies that Jasmine enjoys doing are cooking and painting. She loves cooking because she likes how it brings people together and the creativity. She said, “I am mesmerized by how my mom could throw random spices in a pot and come out with such a delectable meal.”      

   Jasmine also shared how she loves painting because it helps her relieve stress. “It reminds me everything in life doesn’t have to be perfect,” she said.  


Fun Facts about Jasmine: 

  • Likes sushi 
  • Loves dancing 
  • Has four dogs, five cats, and many chickens 
  • Did ballet as a child 
  • Has never broken or sprained a bone