The Disney World Experience


The main characters of Disney pictured in front of Magic Kingdom.

By Joshua Funes, Staff Writer

    Located in Orlando, Florida, and being one of the biggest parks in the east coast of the United States, Disney World has a lot of expectations to live up to, especially considering how it’s centered around Disney, one of the biggest entertainment companies ever.  

    However, it more than certainly lives up to its expectations, as millions of people around the world come to this spectacle of excitement and enjoyment. The park is split up into 4 parts, depending on different themes. The Magic Kingdom is centered around a big castle and represents the classic parts of the park. Epcot centers around the future, displayed by the bold designs of the attractions. Animal Kingdom represents nature, and Hollywood Studios represents fiction and the different movies and shows of Disney. 

   I was lucky enough to visit Epcot and the Magic Kingdom during the summer, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The rides were great, the views were spectacular, and the parades they hosted at the Magic Kingdom are a truly remarkable sight. Unfortunately, when I went to Epcot, there were still parts of the park under remodeling. However, Epcot still had its charm, and the rides remained as good as they always were. 

   As for the attractions themselves, one of the best ones include Epcot’s Test Track, a fast, winding roller coaster that starts inside a building and then switches to an outdoor track. Another great attraction is the Magic Kingdom’s PeopleMover, a slow attraction that takes you through tunnels and even inside some of the attractions inside the park. The last attraction I would recommend, also being in the Magic Kingdon, is the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster, and it is a great attraction for the whole family. 

   However, every park has its flaws. Lines are a big problem throughout the parks, as sometimes you end up waiting 1-2 hours just to ride a roller coaster. Another big problem with the parks is with how expensive food and drinks are. Something as simple as a hot dog can cost as much as 10 dollars, and drinks begin at 3 dollars for bottled water. In fact, the biggest problem with the parks is how much they charge you for everything, with something as simple as a T-shirt costing 50 dollars. 

    My best advice if you ever plan to go is to be prepared for anything, as the park can bring unexpected surprises, such as rain. Bring sunscreen, as the temperatures get extremely warm, especially during the summer. Spending the extra money on skipping the lines is something I highly recommend if you plan on going through the whole park, as it saves huge amounts of time which can be spent on other attractions the park offers. 

   Overall, I think Disney World is a great place to enjoy if you ever have the time and money. It does get expensive the longer you stay, but the attractions and scenery more than make up for it. I would rate the park an 8 out of 10. The only real flaw of the park are the prices, which can drain your wallet very quickly. Otherwise the park is great in every other way.

5 Facts about Disney World 

  • Disney also has two waterparks outside of the park, named Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. As of recently, Typhoon Lagoon was closed for refurbishment, but Blizzard Beach remains open 
  • To get to each of the parks, there are several different ways to get around, including boats, buses, and monorails. 
  • Disney World has special meet-and-greets, where you can meet the different characters of Disney 
  • Epcot’s big golf ball, found right at the entrance of the park, has a ride inside of it named Spaceship Earth 
  • One of Disney’s most popular rides, Splash Mountain, will be closed in January 2023, so enjoy the ride while you still can! 

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