Build your Confidence

By Keilly Martinez, Staff Writer

     In the beginning of 2022, I was feeling insecure about myself. So, I decided to do something that I usually wouldn’t do. I tried out for the varsity cheerleading team. Even though I didn’t get in, it was still a way for me to feel more confident.  

      According to the article titled “Keep at It” posted on the website for Teens Health, being confident in oneself and one’s talents is what is meant by the word confident. Even the most confident-appearing persons experience ups and downs in their confidence levels. If something makes you lose confidence, be understanding with yourself. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Take a lesson from what occurred, consider what you might have done better, and keep it in mind for the future. Discuss what happened with someone who cares. Then, remind yourself of your attributes and your accomplishments. 

Meeting new people and interacting with students at your school may encourage you to be more open and feel at ease, which will allow you to boost your confidence a little more.  Yeidon Carmona, a sophomore, claims that because MHS students are so social, he felt more comfortable and was able to open up more.  

Moving may be challenging because you’ll have to deal with a variety of issues, such as building your confidence and meeting new people. However, for sophomore Rihanna Nariega moving to Miami and making new friends allowed her to become more outgoing.  

Jonathan Ruiz, a sophomore, stated, “Joining the football team, making friends, and having a great time helped me become more self-assured and outgoing.”  

Going out to places can also boost your confidence up. Sophomore Anton Prietes said that going to the gym allowed him to become more confident.  

Shailoh Reyes, a sophomore, said, “One way to boost my confidence is by trying my best everyday and trying to better myself and to dress nice,” she stated.