La Professoressa de la Passione


Ms. Miranda on the bottom right, with her students on a Italian Trip.

By Damaris Ramos, Staff Writer


    Ms. Miranda is a great Italian teacher. She has been a teacher for 40 years and 35 years in Miami Senior High. She is a smart and a very kind teacher. She loves showing her students how to speak Italian. Her classroom reflects a lot of her passion and love for Italian culture.            


Her experience as an Italian Teacher   

      Teaching is the profession she chose and she has done all her life. Besides her work at Miami High, Ms. Miranda taught in Athens, Greece, for 5 years. She likes to teach her students things that she knows especially Italian art, music, food, and movies. She loves when her students are interested in the subject.   

     “If I was not a teacher, I don’t know what I would do. Teaching is the profession I chose and that I have done all my life. I wanted to be an Italian teacher. Italian is the most beautiful and romantic language in the world. Everything sounds beautiful when you speak Italian. La lingua italiana è bella e meravigliosa.” 


Her travels  

    Ms. Miranda has been traveling since she was 16. She went to Europe for the 1st time with her Italian teacher, and she has been going back ever since. She would love to travel to Thailand. Her favorite place to travel to is Bologna, Italy, because that’s the place she met her husband.  

    She traveled with her students many years ago. She did it for 7 consecutive years, and they went to many different countries in Europe, including Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, England, and many others. “It was so much fun. My students will carry those experiences throughout their lives and that is priceless,” she said. 


Her loves 

    Ms. Miranda’s favorite food is moussaka, which is a traditional Greek dish made with eggplant, potatoes, ground beef or lamb, and béchamel sauce on top. Her hobbies are traveling, dining out and going out to eat in restaurants. There are times when people want to be alone, and in this case Ms. Miranda likes to go to her beach apartment. She also likes to be with her family in Greece. She likes to dance salsa and likes to listen to classical and instrumental music. She also likes opera. 


Her life outside of school  

    Ms. Miranda and her husband have been together for 46 years. They met in 1976 in Bologna, Italy. She met her husband while he was an engineering student at Bologna University. They have been married for 39 years. She also said, “I have an amazing, kind, and beautiful daughter. Her name is Alexandra, she is 30 years old and lives in New York.” 


Popular Italian foods 


  • Risotto  
  • Gnocchi 
  • Pesto alla Genovese  
  • Bagna Cauda 
  • Polenta  
  • Minestrone  
  • Tiramisù 
  • Cannoli Siciliani 
  • Torta Caprese