Friendships After High School

By Federico Rizo, Staff Writer


   If you were to ask a group of individuals, “Do you believe in keeping friendships from high school after graduating?” some may say that friendships are not everything, and that your relationships won’t last after high school. However, this isn’t the case for everyone.  

   For many, friends are the people who bring them the most joy. They are there for them when they feel down, and they feel as if they can go to them for anything. Many individuals not only believe in maintaining their friendships after graduating but also that true friendships may last a lifetime.  


What do you look for in long-term friendships? 

   Many individuals look for loyalty and honesty in long-term friendships. Senior Kevin Suarez says, “I look for someone I can trust and show my true authentic self to and someone who understands me for who I am.”  

    Sophomore Brieanne Aguirre agrees. “What I value most in my friendships is trust,” she said. “I appreciate being able to tell my best friend anything without having to worry about her telling anyone.” Similarly, sophomore Genesis Lopez added, “I value the trust we have with each other. There’s no secrecy involved.” She recalls a moment with her best friend who stood up for her; she says, “There was a time where I was dealing with someone who always brought me down mentally and all the time that person would make fun of me or insult me, she would stand up for me and talk back to that person.” 


   Others look for friends who will stay by their sides no matter what. Sophomore Rosemary Hernandez says, “I look for someone who has your back, they’ll stand up for you and they’ll be there for you when you’re going through something.” A moment she recalls of this when she fractured her leg and couldn’t walk, and her friend was by her side in the hospital until she was able to go back home. 

   Another sophomore Bryant Cortedano says, “I look for people who I can keep a conversation with, someone who I enjoy talking to, and someone who makes me feel like I can say anything to without being judged.”  

   “Honesty is definitely something that came to mind because once you lie, trust isn’t easily given back just as it isn’t easily earned,” sophomore Evan Alarcon says.  

   Freshman Livan Lopez values having fun with each other. He recalls when his dad passed away, his friends comforted him and lifted his spirits. 


Friendships after high school 

   Friendships are bonds created between two individuals built on mutual trust and support, and some are bound to last a lifetime. Sophomore Hazel Morgan says, “I believe I will maintain my friendships from high school after graduating because they’re real friends and I can rely on them when I need help.”  

   Genesis says, “During high school, you both lose and gain friends. You lose the ones that weren’t supposed to walk with you towards your future, and you gain the ones that are.”  

   Livan says he hopes to maintain his friends from high school because they are the people who stuck by his side.  


My Experiences 

   The main characteristic I look for in friendships is loyalty. Another thing I value most in my friendships are the moments we have together because it really shows that they enjoy spending time with me, and they want to be around me. I do believe in maintaining friendships from high school after graduating. I’m already so used to seeing the same people every day. For me, I find it hard to just not keep in touch with them after being with them for four years. 

   Some red flags I try to avoid in friendships are jealousy, always talking bad about others behind their backs, not defending them when you hear negative things being talked about them, and not being able to get along with my other friends.  

   Similarly, some red flags Hazel says she find in people are lying about everything, jealousy, and people who embarrass you in front of others to make themselves look better. 


Red Flags in Friendships 

  • Only talking to you when its coinvent to them. 

  • When someone is being manipulative. 

  • Refusing to take responsibility or accountability after a dramatic course of events. 

  • Being dishonest. 

  • Judging individuals for being comfortable to show their true selves. 

  • Being hypocritical