Get to Know Keilly Martinez


This is Keilly ready for her New Years Party.

By Fatima Reyna, Staff Writer

     Keilly Martinez is a smart, pretty and kind person. She’s a sophomore at Miami Senior High School. 


   Keilly Martinez was born and raised in Miami. She had an amazing childhood with her older siblings. Her favorite thing about Denise, the oldest sister, is how supportive she is. She has another sister named Ashley. Her favorite thing about Ashley is how hard she is on Keilly about school.  

  Her older brother Axel always lets her play video games with him. Her best childhood memory was going everywhere with her mom. Her biggest struggles growing up were her mental health and school. Her childhood taught her many things but one of them was to always be there for people. 

School Life 

     Keilly attended Riverside Elementary and Shenandoah Middle schools.  She claims she didn’t enjoy middle school as much because of quarantine. She is currently attending Miami Senior High where her favorite subject is journalism because of how easy going it is.  

   She states, “My favorite teacher is Mr. Strickland because he doesn’t let you give up on yourself.” She’s currently deciding what college she wants to attend but hopes to meet new people and learn new things. 

Outside of School 

      Her free time consists of eating, cleaning her room, riding bikes, sleeping and using her phone. Eating is her favorite thing to do.  Her favorite places to eat at are McDonald’s, Chinese buffet and Chipotle. She enjoys practicing her makeup and going out to parties. She hopes to find a job during the summer and is considering Publix. 

Future Life 

      Keilly has always had a hard time deciding what to major in. But she decided on cosmetology since she enjoys doing makeup, nails, and hair. She enjoys it and hopes to go far in life with it. When she was little, she wanted to be a doctor but then found an interest in cosmetology. She only plans on having kids if her future goes the way she plans. She’s excited and hopeful that it will.