Football Player: Axel Mendoza


Axel last year with his football jersey

By Fatima Reyna, Staff Writer

         Axel Mendoza is a hardworking, sweet, and strong person. He is determined to reach his goal of becoming a professional football player.  


Childhood and Family Life 

      A sophomore at Miami Senior High School, Axel was born in Miami. He has 3 siblings including his twin, Steven Mendoza, who is 5 minutes older. Axel states, “The best thing about being a twin is playing outside together and my least favorite thing is the lack of attention.” 

      Growing up his favorite thing to do was go on walks with his uncle. He claims, “It made me feel safe.” His biggest struggle growing up was having the need for a father and wanting a father figure’s presence. His grandma plays an important role in his life. Even if he does not live with her, she is his biggest idol.  


School Life 

   Axel attended Citrus Grove Elementary and middle school. He states, “My favorite thing about Miami High is how accepting the school is.” He came to Miami High because most of his family members attended here.  

   His sport has always been football. He played growing up with his siblings and with friends. When he got to high school, he tried out for the team and made it as a cornerback. He joined the team because it’s a way he expresses his feelings. 


Life Outside of School 

     His free time usually is spent at his grandma’s house or listening to music. He admires his grandma because at such an old age, she is always working to give his family a better life. Also, he loves being with his siblings because they have a great bond. His favorite things about them are how they keep each other safe.  

   Another thing he does in his free time is playing football with his friends. He goes to the park with them and his twin brother. 


Future Life 

  Axel’s dream is to grow up wealthy and have a happy family. He states, “I hope I am happy and healthy when I grow up.” He hopes to have 3 kids, especially 2 boys so they will protect their sister. He plans to do that by going to college and then playing professional football. If football does not work out, he plans on majoring in psychology. He likes these two careers because they allow him to be himself and feel mentally well.  

Axel Mendoza in Brief 

  • Born on April 27  
  • Is an Aries 
  • Favorite Food: Wings and fries 
  • Favorite Drink: Arizona 
  • Favorite show: Rick and Morty 
  • Favorite Movie: Toy Story