Science Department Successes and Struggles


Dr. Hueck loves the department which he feels is “the best department in school.”

By Dajane Luna, Staff Writer

  Science department chairperson Dr. Hueck is proud to report that some outstanding science students are going to study STEM in good universities such as future Duke students Rosalyn Morin, Michael Albert, and Fernando Quijada, and future Florida Gator Elias Sandoval.    

In addition, he is proud that The Brain Bowl team, which included Fernando Quijada, Rosalyn Morin, Michael Albert, and Tony Castillo, competed well and placed third at the district level.  

One challenge that the science department had to face in the beginning of the year is the continued influence of Covid lockdowns on students. “We are still trying to bring kids back to the norm here,” he said. “Whether it was virtual or physical, their study habits were affected which was rough, but things got better later in the year.”  

Dr. Hueck says that another challenge is to prepare students for the Bio EOC. “We need to motivate the kids to study because it is as important as the FAST or Algebra EOC or Geometry EOC to graduate,” he said. Some of the kids just do not take it seriously so he and the biology teachers try to work hard to push kids to do their best.  

As department chairperson, Dr. Hueck said that he is busy all the time because he needs to support the teachers. If they need anything like equipment or help with materials or if they need him, he is available. He started to lead the science department in 2005 after the previous person in charge retired.  

The reason he keeps at it is because he loves the students that come his way, and he loves the department which he feels is the best department in the school. He is sure the other departments feel the same. “I am proud of our science teachers. Nobody leaves the department because, I believe, they are happy. In science, we make sure needs are met,” he said.