Growing up with non-cable shows

By Dayana Luna, Staff Writer

    Disney, Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, Sprouts, or Netflix. The times I had the opportunity to watch some of those things was when I would stay over my cousin’s house or a friend’s house, or on YouTube. I remember seeing Sophia the First, Doki, SpongeBob, Steven Universe, Pingu, and My Little Pony etc.  

On the other hand, I was fortunate to be able to watch non-cable channels such as Qubo, PBS kids, Univision, and assorted DVDS. I enjoyed watching the cartoons especially when I came home from school. It made me feel mentally relaxed from being stressed out from school. Though I was told that I was wasting my time watching “those childish shows,” I feel like I learned a lot especially from the shows that taught me and made it fun. 

What made it worth watching?  

I loved watching The Mysteries of Alfred the Hedgehog on Qubo. I found it cool because the main character and his friends would try to solve a mystery out of the chaos that was occurring.  

On PBS kids I saw the Wild Kratts which are two brothers who are zoologists who go on adventures together. They teach about the region where the animals are found and what features and resources provide them for survival in their habitat, which made it interesting to watch. 

  In Univision usually in the mornings they air Dora the Explorer, about a young girl who goes on an adventure and interacts with the audience. She would ask questions, which made it fun to be part of her adventure. 

My Learning Experience 

I learned from what I grew up watching the importance of being kind, which I think everyone should know since showing kindness to others would not only make you feel good about yourself, but you can make someone’s day feel better. I feel like I can make an impact on others by showing kindness to them which usually brings people to smile and makes me feel happy.  

I also learned other things like showing respect for yourself or just being yourself, which I find important as well. It is important to not just think only about others but also about yourself first sometimes and not let others walk on you, especially if you are drained. It is important to live true for who you are because if you do not, then how are you going to live happily?