What the Type of Bookbag Says About You


Anthonie See said “I’ve had this bookbag since freshmen year it has never failed me and that why I love Jansport backpacks.”

By Anais Medal, Staff Writer


     A book bag is very important for students. I mean you carry it most of the time, you put your valuables in there, and you might even use it for other things besides school. Do the looks of it matter?  

   Junior Nycole Calidonio said that she does care about how the book bag looks because, “STYLE IS EVERYTHING.”  

   On the other hand, “I don’t mind how my bag looks as long as it can carry my school and gym items,” said sophomore Javier Euceda. 

   Similarly, Melissa Fortan said, “I have never focused on someone’s bag and let it cloud my judgment I don’t mind as long as it’s functioning.” 


    Lots of students are into the more casual and basic style. Others are into having bags with designs. Many students said they like brands such as Spray Ground, JanSport and Vans. These bags are very popular and are trendy with the students. 

   “I like Vans because it’s a bag that doesn’t have many zippers. It’s a very simple bag that is still able to carry all my books and emergency items,” said junior Jennesy Mejía.  

   Junior Eva Bowen owns a JanSport because she likes to keep it classy. 


  Many students do think negatively about some brands but only because of the impression they get from the people who have them. Junior Amy Sandoval said that Spray Ground is overrated, and the brand isn’t that good or appealing looking. 


   Do  students buy a new bag each year? Junior Anthonie See said he doesn’t change it unless it’s damaged. As long as it can carry his color-guard items, he doesn’t mind.  

   Senior Byron Otero said he doesn’t plan on changing his book bag because he really likes how it is a stiff bag that can carry all his school items such as binders, books, and journals.    

    Junior basketball player Malik Cadet doesn’t change his bookbag because he has his basketball team’s backpack which is in good condition and carries all his stuff.  


    Prices for bookbags vary. Malik bought his backpack from Nike ,and it cost about 85 dollars. Junior Joseph Arouz has a North Face book back which cost $90-$100. Anthonie See spent $65 on his JanSport backpack.  

   Many students also ordered their backpacks without having to go anywhere. 11th grader Junior Diaz said, “I just ordered my backpack off of Amazon which cost about $30-$35.”  




– Cool J’s 

– Journey’s 

– Vans 

– North Face