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Miami High's Free News Network Run by Students

Miami High News

Miami High's Free News Network Run by Students

Miami High News

Miami High Seniors from Shenandoah Middle that got Academic Honors.
Class of 2024 - Embracing New Beginnings
By Stephanie Romero, Staff Writer • May 3, 2024

       The students who had their 8th grade year cut short and missed the experiences of starting 9th grade year because of Covid-19, are officially seniors. As they get ready to enter...

Dealing with Stress as a Student
By Braynon Gay, Editor • May 3, 2024

     The time in which a student attends school is a time of self-discovery alongside the hefty workload, relationships, and uncertainty of what the future holds. A common struggle amongst students,...

Marijuana Effects on Athletes
Marijuana Effects on Athletes
By Miguel Arredondo, Staff Writer • May 1, 2024

         High level athletes like Kevin Durant, Conor McGregor, and Michael Vick have admitted to marijuana use. They’ve stated the positive effects marijuana has had on them, leading to many...

The visual view of Miami High, photos shown above.
Miami's High View On Architecture
By Magdiel Gamez, Staff Writer • May 1, 2024

Whenever you enter any kind of building, you get intimidated at first by how it looks. Maybe you believe it’s because the art of the building has significant meaning. Every structure can mean something,...

The photo shows someone using a device for school.
Opinion on Electronics for School
By Katherin Galarcep, Staff Writer • April 29, 2024

    Everyone uses electronics daily. Whether it's a phone, a laptop, or an iPad, they could be an effective use to people when they need to work from home or for students that can also use electronics...

Bye, Bye, Bye Class of'24!
By Celine Blanco-Corbea April 19, 2024

  As we get ready to say farewell to the graduating class of 2024, we reflect on the four transformative years they’ve shared. Watching each other evolve and mature into young adults has been a...

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Miami Highs wrestlers and coaches.
Miami High's Wrestling Team
By Miguel Arredondo, Staff Writer • February 28, 2024

        Miami High’s wrestling team kicked off their season in the first...

Media day photo.
Boys Basketball 2023-2024
By Joshua Guerrero, Staff Writer • February 28, 2024

   Boys' basketball coach Mr. Humberto “Tico” Govea reports that the team’s...

Romari against Columbus in the District Championship.
Romari Robinson Heading for Success!
By Joshua Guerrero, Staff Writer • February 28, 2024

        Junior Romari Robinson is a star basketball...

Girls volleyball team group photo
Girls Volleyball Team
By Elizabeth Solar, Editor • December 20, 2023

The girls' volleyball season ended on October 17, of 2023, and they worked hard throughout...

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SNHS Full Group Photo (Including the incredible advisor Dr. Yoham)
SNHS Brief
May 3, 2024
Justin Brooks performing solo
Band News
May 3, 2024