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Two racers beginning a street race during the pandemic.
Street Racing and its recent popularity
By Joshua Funes, Editor • June 7, 2023

Out in the streets and highways, millions of drivers around the country have begun participating in what is known as “street racing.” From high-speed drag racing on highways to driving dangerously...

Miami High teachers at the Kickball game.
Teacher's Recap of the 2022-23 School Year
By Celine Blanco-Corbea, Andre Rodriguez, Editors • June 7, 2023

The 2022-2023 school year at Miami High has been a long and exciting one for students and faculty alike, with many teachers engaged and others working behind the picture to maintain a prodigious school....

Udonis Haslem retiring his jersey in The Asylum. 
Udonis Haslem Retires his Jersey at Miami High!
By Xochilt Coca, Staff Writer • June 6, 2023

Miami High is a school of rich history, tradition, and alumni. With great representatives all over Florida, Miami High holds alumnus Udonis Johneal Haslem especially near and dear as an alumnus, public...

Teen Love
By Brooke Martinez, Staff Writer • June 2, 2023

   Love is a very strong word. Almost everyone experiences love at least once in their life. Love among students is very common and can be controversial. It is common for adults to invalidate teens’...

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Disease at MHS: Commitment Issues
By Liana Bracero, Staff Writer • May 31, 2023

  A disease has been spreading among MHS students… commitment issues!!        “I know many people with commitment issues. One of them is a guy that I really liked at the time and his problems...

Source: Hanamoritaart on Pintrest.
How does a toxic household affect performance?
By Danelly Rodriguez, Staff Writer • May 26, 2023

      It can be challenging to navigate the difficulties of a toxic household environment. It may even be difficult to recognize toxicity signs and even damaging to not know what to do. A toxic family...

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Last Season JV game
Me batting(Yellow Shirt)
My Baseball Journey
By Lisandro Iglesias, Staff Writer • January 11, 2023

This journey of mine started at the age of 5 back when I used to live in Cuba. I...

MHS Softball Team.
Miami Senior High's Softball Team
By Dajane Luna, Staff Writer • January 9, 2023

    Softball practice has begun!! The first games will begin at the end of January...

Petrona Callenders first official serve of the season.
Girls Varsity Volleyball
By Yanelle Figueroa, Staff Writer • December 20, 2022

      With a record of 20-5, the girls varsity volleyball team had a successful...

Top Left: Blue & Gold Dance team; Bottom Left: Varsity Cheerleaders. Right: Color Guard, photo provided by Ray Garcia
Performing Sports
By Jose Rodriguez, Staff Writer • December 19, 2022

   Multiple sports are under appreciated because they are not highlighted. However,...

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BETA officers and members at this years BETA Olympics.
BETA During the Summer
August 29, 2023

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