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My Freshman Year

Life as a Baby Stingaree
Me in my journalism classroom.

    Life before high school had countless ups and downs for me. Eighth grade was, without an exception, one of the toughest years I’ve had to endure. Personal issues, hospital visits due to decaying mental health, discovery of illnesses I was unaware of, and academic failure is one way to sum up that portion of my life.  

   Going into ninth grade, I was consumed with mixed feelings. I was excited to get a new fresh start, given the mess of a year I just had. I was also filled with anxiety. The thought of being in a school with so many beings, people that are much older, and having to deal with the workload I knew was coming my way, stressed me out. 

    Entering freshman year, I unexpectedly thrived. I knew I had to be on top of my game, since what you do in high school can change the way your life pans out. Academically, I was soaring, and I still am, being in the top ten percent of freshman students, with A’s and B’s across the board.  

    This year was not as hard as I expected, although it most definitely still had its challenges, especially with some of the material we were taught, and the urgency to pass state exams. The key to succeeding in high school is to never procrastinate. I’ve also learned the importance of studying. In middle school, we aren’t really given hard enough material where we had to study. It’s much different now. My academic success has come primarily from my hard work towards my studies and a lack of procrastination. 

    The relationships between students and teachers in high school is worlds apart from those in middle and elementary. Teachers are much more lenient, as we have now reached an age where we should be able to carry ourselves and take responsibility for our own actions. We aren’t spoken to like children. Having a close bond with a teacher is also much easier, since we are more developed, and instructors don’t need to speak “down” to us. I’ve found that friendships are common between a teacher and student, but there is always a level of respect. 

    I also made new friends pretty quickly. I’ve already gotten to know so many different types of personalities in just one school year. Of course, I’ve met some unpleasant people, as Miami High is an enormous campus.  

   However, the hardest part of this year, was losing the old bonds with people I thought would be in my life for the long run. The harsh reality is, as you get older, everyone changes. They may get bored or tired of the relationships they have, and in this time of their life, they’re eager to be the “best” version of themselves possible. Even if they leave without an explanation, it’s important for you to come to terms with what has already happened and move on. The hypothetical “what ifs” are useless. It may be awkward seeing them in the school, but that’s how life is. Awkward moments like those will never go away, because people always change. 

    Mental health is critical in this time of your life. It’s been really difficult for me to keep myself grounded, due to an immense amount of stress and issues with those in my life. However, I’ve been able to, and this has given me a sense of confidence in myself that I lacked before. Along with my studies, I’ve been focusing on changing bad habits of mine, finding new hobbies, making friends—all to become the version of myself I feel I can become, and a version of myself I can be proud of.  

    My biggest piece of advice is to find a healthy outlet to channel all your frustrations out on. Whether it’s art, music, video games. Thanks to my journalism class, I’ve found a love for writing. I’ve always been exceptional at it, but really finding the beauty in it has been such an experience for me and helped me through this year. 

    Ending this year as a freshman Baby Stingaree, I am enthusiastic about what the future holds for me. My teachers this year were some of the best I’ve ever had. Ms. Gonzalez for English honors, Mr. Sanchez for environmental science, Mr. Diaz for finance, Mr. Tornillo for world history honors, Ms. Wong for Algebra I, Ms. Izquierdo for intensive, Dr. Denight for journalism, and Ms. Quirch for Spanish are marvelous instructors and wonderful people. I owe my success this year to them. Without them, I’m not sure how this year might’ve looked like for me. Becoming a sophomore, I am looking to get even better grades and persist with my hard work and dedication. My first year as a Stingaree was wonderous, and I’m more than excited for the 2024-2025 school year. 




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