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Romari Robinson Heading for Success!

Romari against Columbus in the District Championship.




  Junior Romari Robinson is a star basketball player at Miami High school. He loves everything about the game and has a serious passion for it. 

Life as a basketball player 

   Both a shooting guard and a small forward, Romari averages 16 points , 4 assists, and 6 rebounds per game.  

     “If my shots are not falling, I know that just is not my game. I can progress in everything else on the court such as getting rebounds and playing defense,” he said. “I overcome adversity with just being honest with myself and having confidence with whatever the situation might be.” 

   Romari, who is getting recruited by FSU, FIU, UMASS, FGCU, and Old Dominion, said, “This has been of the best seasons so far. Wins or losses, we all learned something from each game we played.” 

    He was a football player before a basketball player. He said, “Around the end of 9th grade I saw potential in myself and decided to stick to basketball.” 


Football Journey 

    Romari was introduced to football in 3rd grade, and he would always play at the park with his friends. What made him stop playing football was because he felt that he wasn’t good enough to play at the level his team was playing at. He played wide receiver for the Miami Garden Ravens.   

    “It was fun running routes and being the guy to catch the ball and create something on the field,” Romari said. 

    He had some top-rated teammates from those days. “Joshua Trader, Jeremiah Smith and more ,they all are going to top division 1 schools to play football,” he said. 



    Romari is from Miami and grew up in Opa locka. He had a happy childhood playing  basketball and football outside with his friends.  He has 3 brothers: 2 older and 1 younger. 

    Romari ended up at Miami High because of his 8th grade travel ball coaches. “I had never heard about Miami High because I was an inner-city kid,” he said.  “My 8th grade travel ball coaches talked to me about coming here, and I liked the tour they gave me around the school, and ever since, I have been a proud Stingaree.” 


Life as a student 

    His favorite subject is reading because it is the subject he excels in. Romari says that one of his favorite teachers is Dr. Lacy. “I say this because of her commitment to not only teach but to be in the law world as well,” he said. “Her law degree is very inspiring and it is something I strive for.”  

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