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Who is Mr. Lacayo?

Mr. Lacayo’s official picture for the Miami Senior High website



    After teaching at Miami Senior High during two different time periods, Mr. Lacayo is very well regarded as a teacher.  Recently he was put in the @mhsfea Instagram account’s on a Teacher Tuesday post. Mr. Yader Lacayo has shown his competence by his hard work as a teacher, as well as congeniality with other teachers and staff.  

   However, not much is known about him. Mr. Lacayo is very passionate about his teaching and isn’t focused on talking about his personal life during class.  


Early Life 

   Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Mr. Lacayo migrated to the United States with both of his Nicaraguan parents at age 10. He attended Shenandoah Middle School, followed by Miami Senior High. Post graduating, he went to Florida International University. Before his work as a teacher, he used to work at an office filling out paperwork.  

He began working at Miami High in 1999.  

   With a Bachelor’s in Mathematics Education and a Master’s in Educational Leadership, he has always had the dream to become a math teacher, as he loved the subject, and wanted young people to have the same interest he had and get the education they deserve. 

   In 2010 he left Miami Sr. High to work at Ponce de León Middle School as an assistant principal, retired from that job in 2022, and came back to MHS to work as a teacher once again, where he’s been teaching ever since. 


School Life with Students 

   Mr. Lacayo has taught two subjects at Miami Senior High: geometry and intensive math. He enjoys teaching and has always done so.  

   His relationship with his students is nothing but positive. He likes all his students, believing they are all great kids, but Mr. Lacayo stated, “My favorite students are the ones who try and never give up.”  


School Life with Administration and Other Teachers 

   Mr. Lacayo is well acquainted with his coworkers and enjoys working with them. Although he’s not really close with any administrators, he, Mr. Pimentel and Mr. Schorr co-teach every so often in inclusion classes. 

   As a former school assistant principal, Lacayo takes discipline very seriously, as well as how he makes future lesson plans.  He visits the other math department teachers during class or lunch time to collaborate and plan his lessons accordingly.   

   While Mr. Lacayo doesn’t go out of his way to pass the time with other teachers outside of school, he can often be spotted spending time with them during school sponsored events. 


Family Life 

     Mr. Lacayo has a small but happy family. His family tree is composed of his lovely wife Nelly, who he often speaks lovingly about whenever questioned on his private life, and his two children: daughter Emma and son Adrian. He met his wife thirty-one years ago and they got married twenty-two years ago. They had their first child fourteen years ago, with their second being born twelve years ago. Mr. Lacayo cares a lot about his family.  

   He considers himself very involved in his children’s lives, even stating that whenever he is not at work, he and his family go out about three times a week to spend quality family time together.  And when not going out, they spend their free time at home doing various things all together. 

   One of his hobbies is woodworking, which he uses to make fun things for his children. He shared an anecdote about how he built his kids a house out of wood, and he used this ability to also make his own class’ podium with his name imprinted on it. 



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