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Beyond the Baton: Rosa Duran



Sophomore Rosa Duran is smart and sweet. She’s also a part of the Color Guard at Miami Senior High School. 

Family Bonds 

   “When I have a bad situation or something personal, I can always go to my family, and they’ll give me the support I need,” says Rosa. Her favorite memory with her family is when they went on a road trip to Maryland, which she describes as “probably one of the best trips we have taken.” During the trip, she saw her uncle and cousins and enjoyed the time they spent as a family. 

    Rosa has an older brother named Jeremy, who can be sweet at times. For instance, whenever she needs help, he’s there for her. However, Jeremy can also get on Rosa’s nerves, but no matter what, she always appreciates him. She also appreciates her family who bring her happiness. 

Living the life as a Majorette  

 When Rosa first saw the Color Guard team it motivated her to try out because of how fun it looked during pep rallies, and she was also influenced seeing the marching band in different events and how the majorettes worked on batons during the homecoming parades. 

  Being in Color Guard is a fun and interesting experience for her. “In Color Guard we do flag, rifle, and saber,” she said. But since Rosa is a Majorette, she also does baton. What motivates Rosa to go to practice is looking forward to what she’s going to learn next and hanging out with the people in it. Rosa’s extremely grateful for the friends she’s made while being in Color Guard. 

Balancing School/Cologuard 

  Managing school and being in Color Guard can get hard sometimes for Rosa. She states, “When I’m at practice, I get tired and all I want to do is to get home and rest.” But she tends to finish all her school assignments before or after practice.  

  What motivates Rosa to get up in the morning to get to school is her friends and some of her teachers. Rosa’s favorite thing about school is hanging out with friends and going to practice after school. 

Daily Life 

    When Rosa has free time, she tends to hang out with family, especially her cousins whom she refers to as her best friends. Whenever Rosa’s bored, she listens to music or does her make-up just for fun.  She also likes to go shopping or talk on the phone with her cousins and friends to catch up. She’s grateful for her family and cousins, and for Milo and Oso, her two dogs. Rosa’s goal for this year is to get a job to help her parents. “I also would like to focus more on school,” Rosa said.

Milo is the one on the left and Oso on the right.


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