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The Differences Between Public and Private schools

By Valeria Centeno , Staff Writer March 5, 2021

This year is my first time ever in a new school. Before high school, I was in another school called Sunflowers Academy, which is a private school. I was there for 9 years. Now that I am in a public school,...

Who was Mac Miller?

By Keedy Tique, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

     Malcolm James McCormick, professionally known as Mac Miller, was a famous singer/rapper. He was born in Pittsburgh on January 19, 1992. Unfortunately, Mac passed away on September 7, 2018, at...

How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

By Andre Brown , Staff Writer March 1, 2021

    Well, well, well---if it isn’t COVID-19 coming over to try and infect me! The virus has been around for a full year ,and it has changed our nation a lot. But as long as we are smart...

Cyberpunk 2077: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Kevin Garcia, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

 “Cyberpunk 2077” is a 2020 action, open world, role-playing video game developed and published by CD Project Red. The story takes place in “Night City” in an open world set in a futuristic...


What’s The Right Pet For You?

By Chavela Ardines , Staff Writer February 25, 2021

I've had a lot of experiences with animals, as I owned pets in the past like bunnies, ferrets, turtles, ducks, and many more. During quarantine, I’ve seen a lot of people have gotten themselves pets...


This Pandemic Isn’t Over, Here’s Why

By Terry Canales, Staff Writer January 21, 2021

In the past months, there have been many events that have rocked the lives of billions around the globe. From the very start of the year, we thought there would be yet another Middle Eastern war against...


Hooray For Horror!

By Lorena Ocampo, Staff Writer January 19, 2021

You’re lying tranquil on the couch late at night alone as you hear the bits of glass scatter all over the floor, as the window is smashed. You find yourself leaping towards a cushion terrified as a tall,...

Why are things creepy?

By Kevin Garcia , Staff writer January 19, 2021

  Being afraid or fearing the right thing has kept our ancestors alive. It makes sense to be afraid of poisonous spiders, or hungry tigers but, what about fear when there’s no clear and obvious danger?...

Games to Play Online with Your Friends During COVID Times

By Chavela Ardines, Staff writer January 14, 2021

During Covid-Times, it could get hard to see your friends because many students are participating in online school, and even if you do get to see them, it could be a hazard. You have to make sure you don’t...


How To Pass Virtual School With Ease

By Andre Brown, Staff Writer January 12, 2021

This year was my first year of doing school virtually, and I am proud of myself because I am doing very good in almost every class.  Although I play a sport, I don’t take that as an excuse to not complete...


Maria and four other Bandmates.

A Taste of The Marias

By Jose Rodriguez, Staff Writer January 12, 2021

The Marias are a psychedelic band, whose music offers comfort and peace. They’re for the free spirited and open-minded folks. Theirs is a distinctive sound with timeless passion. Sophomore Tiffany...


The new vaccine, real hope or terrifying misfortune?

By Alejandra Anias , Staff writer January 8, 2021

   The COVID-19 virus has spread throughout the world, and for a while, there seemed to be no cure or vaccine for coronavirus. However, as many scientific groups and organizations - funded by governments...

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