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Freshman wears crocs with designed charms, inspired by  former player Kobe Bryant.

Are Crocs fashionable?

By Benjamin Joseph, Staff Writer January 18, 2022

Fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress or manners of behavior. Crocs are taking over the shoe game especially in Miami High The High’s students say Crocs are fashionable and can...

Is Astrology Real?

By Keedy Tique , Staff Writer January 11, 2022

Do you love being the center of attention? If yes, you’re probably a Leo. Do you consider yourself a good liar? If you do, you’re probably a Gemini! Astrology is the belief that the position of...

The Catholic Church’s Victims

By Brooke Martinez, Staff Writer January 11, 2022

When you search up “What church has the most sexual abuse cases in the US,” the Catholic Church comes up. This isn't being written to shame the Catholic Church itself, but to shine a light on the situation...

English teacher Ms. Guerra, who is currently teaching the 9th and 10th grade classes.

Did you know this about Ms. Guerra?

By Kyara Bermudez , Staff Writer January 11, 2022

Kind, enthusiastic, and known as an amazing English teacher, have you heard of Ms. Guerra? Not only is she a considerate person, but just like we all hope to do, she graduated from Miami Senior High. MHS...

Currently in his junior year, Howard University student Jeremy Gay, standing in front of Founders Library on campus, decked out his university hoodie and bison hat! Photograph taken by fellow Howard University student, Evan Johnson.

The HBCU Student Experience

By Braynon Gay, Staff Writer January 7, 2022

HBCU is an acronym for Historically Black Colleges & Universities, but what exactly does that mean and what’s it like attending one? How is it different from normal colleges? Why do they exist? “Historically...

Illustration by Brittany England

What do you know about gender identity?

By Xochilt Coca, Staff Writer January 7, 2022

At first glance, people can look at you and can assume your gender by your clothes, hair, voice, and style. This can be very harmful to those who feel insecure of who they are and what they identify as....

AP Seminar students working diligently on their presentations.

Why You Should Get Your AP Capstone Diploma

By Melissa Elmhorst, Staff Writer December 16, 2021

The moment I saw my AP Capstone Diploma, I knew that memory was not going to fade as quickly as the others. My name written in big, bold letters almost mimicked how I felt during my AP Research presentation...

Single mother Dinorah Chang, interviewed in the story, around the time she first became my single mother.

Life As a Single Parent

By Nathalie Chang, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

Being a single parent is something that most people don’t ask for, but it’s something that many people must get used to. There are a lot of challenges that come with being a single parent. “Lack...

Jam Torres enjoying the snow in Chicago.

15 Days of Travelling

By Jam Torres, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

   People would say traveling alone is scary, and I would agree. I was scared because I was traveling without my family for the first time.  When I was 14, I traveled unescorted to Chicago during Christmas...

COVID and School: How We Got Here.

By Terry Canales, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

   The past year and a half has been a very turbulent time for everyone on planet Earth, with the outbreak of a pandemic, the end of several years of economic stability as the world’s economies and...

Of these top seniors advice was provided by Marco Perez-Vazquez, Samantha Yera, Alberto Figueroa, and Lisbet Sanchez

Advice to Baby Stings from the Class of 2022

By Paola Arriaza, Staff Writer October 28, 2021

Freshman year can be a scary time in a Stingaree’s life. Luckily top seniors of the class 2022 were willing to share some advice on their experiences, to help MHS baby stings. AP Classes When asked...

Women Like You

By Alejandra Anias, Online-Editor-In-Chief June 8, 2021

Growing up, girls were taught to stay put, not draw attention onto themselves, dress well and show no cleavage if they didn’t want a man to approach them, because, if he did, it would be the girl’s...

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