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Who is Vicente Fernandez

Vicente-Fernandez in his “Traje de Charro”

  Vicente Fernandez was a famous Mexican singer from Guadalajara. He was incredibly influential to Mexico and is famous for his rancheras (traditional Mexican music) such as the songs “El Rey,” “Por Tu Maldito amor,” and “Mujeres Divinas” which are the reason he is called “The King of Rancheras.” He was also a famous actor during the 70s-90s with movies such as “La ley del Monte,” “Matar o Morir,” and “El Macho.” His songs and movies became synonymous with Mexican culture. 


Vicente Fernandez’s story  

    Vicente Fernandez is a man who, in Mexico, needs no introduction. He is a man with a powerful and dramatic voice which makes his songs iconic. Born in a small town near Guadalajara, he started singing for tips on the streets and at weddings and faced lots of struggles in his early days, but he never gave up. Eventually, he got his big break and became a star, and throughout his life, he recorded over 50 albums, acted in many famous Mexican films, and won the hearts of all of Latin America.  


 His Impact on Mexico  

     Vicente Fernandez’s impact is felt throughout all the Americas but can truly be seen and  heard in Mexico and Mexican music with his collaborations with other famous Latino artists like Leo Dan, Joan Sebastian, Julio Iglesias and Jose Luis Rodriguez, who have all influenced Mexico and Latin America in their own way, and he impacted the future of Mexican music, inspiring famous singers like Pepe Aguilar, Pedro Fernandez who have also become incredibly famous singers and actors. According to the online bio

Vicente riding his horse in “La ley del Monte” movie

graphy found at <>, his very own website,  Vicente Fernandez has had so much influence in Mexico that he became an icon of Mexico being named “El Rey” and “El Ídolo de México” translating to “The King” and “The idol of Mexico” respectively.  


Why do people like his songs  

      People love Vicente Fernandez’s songs because they tell stories that touch the soul with their lyrics, vocals, and instruments. His music talks mostly about love, heartbreak, and his love for Mexico, something that resonates with many people even today.  

  So, then I asked people around our school who liked Vicente, why.   9th grade student Michael Sofio said, “I like him because he has a very powerful and emotional voice that causes many people to experience many emotions while hearing his music which makes me feel inspired.” 

    Furthermore, 9th grade student Gabriel Fuentes declared, “I enjoy Vicente Fernandez songs because of the detail and the emotions he puts into his songs. For example, when he sang about his beloved while riding a horse, the detail he put into those types of songs really got me thinking about real life and how being a male is and how I could enjoy every part of it, even in the worst parts.” 

     Mr. Miranda, the SCSI teacher, said, “I’ve always liked him; his emotion and the instruments make him great, and I have always liked Mariachi type of music.” 

  Katherine Martinez, an 11th grader, said, “I listened to Vicente Fernandez since I was little and my mom would put the songs, on but it has been months since she has. However, now I like listening to him and paying attention to his lyrics.” 


What is your favorite song and why? 

   I asked many people for their favorite songs and why and this is what they said. Katherine Martinez, a sophomore, said that her favorite song is “Mujeres Divinas” because of the emotion, instruments and what it says about women.  

   9th grader Alan Mora said that his favorite song is Vicente Fernandez’s performance of “Ando Que Me Lleva” because of its emotion and instrumentals that remind him of his parents and family like his uncle.  

   For Gabriel Fuentes, a freshman, “Mujeres Divinas” is tops because of the way it talks about women in a way that he could relate to and how the song’s music video is typically Mexican.  

    9th grader Micheal Sofio likes “Las Mañanitas” because it always reminds him of something happy like his birthday and is used to listening to it during his birthday. 


Vicente Fernandez’s acting  

      Vicente Fernandez was not just a legendary singer; he was also an incredibly famous actor. Starting in the 1970s, he starred in over 30 films, becoming a well-known Mexican actor. His movies, just like his music, focus on traditional Mexican themes, most of the times portraying him as a cowboy or “charro” (Mexican ranchero). His natural charisma translated well on screen, and while his films are not known for being critically acclaimed throughout the film world, they indeed were beloved by his fans and contributed to his iconic status in Mexican culture. 

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