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Class of 2024 – Embracing New Beginnings

Miami High Seniors from Shenandoah Middle that got Academic Honors.



   The students who had their 8th grade year cut short and missed the experiences of starting 9th grade year because of Covid-19, are officially seniors. As they get ready to enter the next chapter of their lives, these seniors have left a profound impact on the Miami Senior High School community. With their shared memories and individual journeys, the seniors are excited and nervous for what lies ahead.  

    Senior Class president Haniela Reyes, states, “Leaving high school is a bittersweet moment.” 

   With 5 QuestBridge matches, which is the most in Miami High’s history, and 3 Posse matches, the Class of 2024 is a very competitive class of around 650 seniors with many talented and motivated individuals. On top of that, more than 25 students got into Florida State University which is more than the school’s average of acceptances from past years. 

Future Plans   

    Ready to start adulthood, Miami High seniors have all different types of plans and paths. Meilyn Reyes, who got into Florida International Golden Scholars program, states, “My future plans are to study mechanical engineering because I’ve always loved Formula 1 racing and I would love to be able to work in that field.”  

    Jonathan Barban, who also got into Florida International University Golden Scholars Program, states, “In the future I wish to have my master’s in accounting and get into a respected firm striving until one day I can have my own business and build a firm.”  

    SGA President Samantha Gonzalez, who plans to attend University of Florida where she’ll be majoring in finance, ideally as an actuary or financial analyst, states, “My goals are to work at a job I enjoy, achieve a healthy work-life balance, cultivate positive relationships at work and in my personal life, and just take each day as it comes.”  

   Dayra Lara, who got into Florida State University’s Care Program, states, “I will be attending FSU as a biological science major and my future plan is to pursue dentistry because it helps people while providing for my future family.”  


Senior Year Challenges 

    Applying to colleges while taking classes or working can be exhausting and make people lose motivation. Maybelline Raymundo, who plans on attending University of San Francisco, states, “I guess the most challenging parts of senior year were filling out college applications, Ms. Puentes leaving, and trying to balance my personal life with my academic life.”   

    Most of Miami Senior High School students are first-generation college students and have had a hard time with the college process. Jordany Flores, who plans on attending Miami Dade College and then transferring to FIU, states, “As a first-generation student, there’s a lot of expectations on me and that has been tough at times.”  

    Senioritis is a term where students lose the energy to attend class, and this is present in a lot of seniors, especially after getting into college. Haniela Reyes, who is attending FSU in the Care program in the summer, states, “As a senior my biggest challenge has been juggling classes with senior activities. Senioritis is no joke.” 

    Luca Passalaqua, who plans to attend Louisiana State University, agrees and states, “Actually attending my classes after getting into colleges was a challenge.”  


Senior Memories 

     Senior memories are something that they won’t ever forget. Samantha Gonzalez states, “My favorite high school memory has to be hosting the first pep rally of the school year. I loved seeing the immense and contagious spirit within the gymnasium. This is a memory that I will cherish for years to come.” 

   Luca Passalacqua, who is Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) president, states that his favorite high school memory was “walking into my first GSA meeting as the president because it felt safe and like home.”   

   Jonathan Barban’s favorite high school memory is having lunch with his friends every day and “just vibing with them and cracking jokes.”  

   Not all the seniors’ favorite memories were during school hours. Jeilyn Rojas, who plans on attending Miami Dade College for 2 years and then transferring to FIU, states, “My favorite high school memory was definitely all the well-deserved naps I rewarded myself with after a long day.”  

    Adrian Cardona, who plans on also going to Miami Dade College for 2 years and then transferring to FSU, states, “I loved when my friends and I would stay after school playing volleyball.”  



     As they prepare to say farewell to Miami High, the Class of 2024 leaves behind a legacy. They’ve gained enough wisdom and experience to share advice for those who will soon follow in their footsteps. Maybelline Raymundo states, “Stay on top of your classes and have fun.”  

   Jeilyn Rojas states, “Definitely remember to not stress yourself out too much—one step at a time.” 

    “My advice for the incoming seniors would be to enjoy every moment you have because you’re going to miss it,” Jonathan Barban states. 

    Samantha Gonzalez agrees with Jonathan and adds “Prioritize your well-being and save time for yourself to do things that you enjoy.” 

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