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Miami’s High View On Architecture

The visual view of Miami High, photos shown above.
The visual view of Miami High, photos shown above.

Whenever you enter any kind of building, you get intimidated at first by how it looks. Maybe you believe it’s because the art of the building has significant meaning. Every structure can mean something, and this can be an example for Miami High, a school that has a unique background and building with historic meaning behind it. 

This is reflected by sophomore Marilyn Nunes who said,” I feel like entering Miami High as a freshman makes you nervous at first but in awe, but over time you get used to how it looks.” 

  10th grader Joshua Johnson says, “I think it’s cool with how it looks as it makes me feel like I’m in some museum sometimes.”  

As a follow up, 12th grader Mattew Vincent states, “I like Miami High visually. I like it because it is aesthetically pleasing to look at.” 

With such a large and interesting facility, you can find a certain spot to hang out during lunch or free time that is comfortable. Senior Brandon Alvarez states, “I usually relax at that spot in the second floor next to the library.” 

Senior Lanny Llanes says, “I hang out with my friends or eat lunch down at the cafeteria since it’s a good place to talk, view, and spot, but I like to chill in some places alone too.” 


From An Older Perspective 

As we all move on from Miami High one day and remember it, changes occur that causes us to see Miami High more visually depending on how different it looks from the time you entered.  

For example, 11th grade U.S. History teacher Mr. Cid states, “The first time that I came to Miami High as a student, and soon returned as a teacher, I noticed the difference. I noticed how big it was, more refreshing and spacious so it looks nicer. But when it comes to these new buildings, I can still be lost sometimes even as someone who came to Miami High beforehand.” 

Reading teacher Mr. Gonzalez comments, “I believe it looks beautiful. I like the architecture as well, as it is classical and pleasing to look at even if it changes overtime.” 

5000 Role Model club sponsor Mr. Bernard explains, “I feel the environment around us helps us feel motivated as it allows us to appreciate where we reside as a family. Just like with my students, it makes you know the importance of the environment your in.” 


A Look Upon Miami High’s Library 

  The library is one of the most underutilized areas at Miami High. It is also a place that is supposed to be used for studying or learning new topics that students would find interesting. This can affect how we view the library since we don’t ever get to have the chance to be inside unless we are testing.  

Math teacher Mr. Strickland states, “I would find it more pleasing to see the library to be used as a way for students to engage with extracurricular activities. But most importantly, someday, see it be used as a way for new ideas to be created.” 

12th grader Annalize Hernadez says, “The library matters a lot to me. I like how it looks as it is very organized and never dusty.”

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