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Making a difference

Changing Lifes
Mr. Nguyen at the AT&T Stadium, supporting the Miami Hurricanes at their football game

Nguyen’s favorite songs 

“Silly Love Songs” 





“Telephone Line” 

    Nguyen Dung is a loved and respected social studies teacher, golf and tennis coach at Miami Senior High. He was born April 30th, 1965, a Taurus who believes that “nothing is forever except change.”  

The immigrant student 

    Nguyen migrated to the US from Saigon, Vietnam, in 1975 when he was a mere child. His family moved to the United States when North Vietnam took over the South during a civil war, forcing them to leave their home country due to its turning into a communist society. 

   Being a refugee student was a hassle at first. He found himself translating a lot of the words in the beginning, but eventually he adapted as he learned three languages before the age of ten.  

   Nguyen went to Auburndale Elementary where he first discovered the Spanish language. He later went on to Citrus Junior High where he excelled in all his honors classes, and later became a Miami Senior High graduate in 1983.  

College and work 

   Ever since he was 13 years old, the University of Miami was his first choice for college.  Eventually his thirteen-year-old dream became his reality. “The University of Miami was a great experience,” he stated. 

    Apart from his academic achievements, Mr. Nguyen has worked hard to help himself and his family. At age thirteen, he mowed lawns in Key Biscayne, and at 17, he was a bus boy at a deli. At 18 he worked at Carvel Ice Cream as a server and cake maker. At 19, he was a host and cashier at two restaurants. At 20, he managed a restaurant and worked in the reference section at the University of Miami library. At 22, he started teaching and at 30 became an athletic director. In present times, he is a ready to retire social studies teacher. 

   His original goal was to be a lawyer, but Nguyen didn’t follow through with that plan, as law school was not a viable option growing up.  “Too many lawyers and not enough criminals,” he joked, admitting he is not an ambulance-chasing type of guy.  

The social studies teacher 

    He still became a great social studies teacher with a history and sociology major and with his family’s support along with their blessing to go down the educational path. 

   There’s a long road behind him consisting of everything he’s built through the years.  Soon the new Miami High generation will be saying farewell to Mr. Nguyen, as his current goal is to retire within the next few years.  

   Those who get him as a teacher before retirement can be thankful to be taught by a teacher whose biggest accomplishments have been: “To witness the diversity of growth in young people and their learning. And to encourage lifelong learning for my students.”  Tennis and golf coach  
   Three years ago, Mr. Chaine, the previous tennis coach, got promoted to be an assistant principal leaving a vacancy that Mr. Nguyen and Ms. Yanes decided to fill. Nguyen loves coaching tennis because it’s a good sport for maintaining health, fitness, strength, and agility. “It also has social and psychological  benefits. You can play with a club or with friends and family as a social activity,” he stated. 

    Nguyen has been coaching the Miami High golf and tennis team for three years.  He states that the positive side of his team is that most of the players are good student athletes and maintain a high GPA even though they’re also very inexperienced.

Fun facts  

    Nguyen is a 58 year old who is always willing to try new things. He enjoys all types of food and is open to finding new hobbies and sports to enjoy. His favorite place in the world is the French Alps, but he plans on going wherever the wind takes him in order to find new things to love. No matter where the wind takes him, his heart will always be at home with his family. 



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