Get To Know Jemuel Edwards


By Yanelle Figueroa, Staff Writer




 Jemuel Edwards is a junior at Miami High who is currently on the varsity volleyball team. He’s played volleyball for a year and a half. He started in the summer of 2021 and has been on the court often since then. Jemuel described his volleyball journey as “Fun yet stressful” and explained how being switched in and out of the court for mistakes can be frustrating.  



He not only plays volleyball for MHS but also for a club outside of school called MIAMI UNITED VOLLEYBALL, where he has only been playing for a couple months. Not every volleyball player sees themselves playing the sport after they graduate high school, but Jemuel does, “I do see myself playing in a university or college, then hopefully professional,” he said. Jemuel believes that because he still has a lot of time to get better, he can eventually try to play professionally in the future.  



Jemuel has grown into the person he is today because of his childhood. Jemuel had a small family, he grew up with his mom, cousin, and his sister. He lived in his mother’s house. Even though he would be living with his mom he spent the majority of his time with his cousin. But when he wasn’t with his cousin, he would also go play soccer with a family friend. His top three favorite memories from his childhood were, going to chuck E cheese, playing Xbox with his cousin, and going trick or treating as Star Wars characters with his cousin. He also really enjoyed going to the park and pushing his sister on the swings. 


 Families have struggles, and Jemuel’s family went down a rough path when he was about 5-6 years old living in New York. They became homeless and stayed at a homeless shelter for quite some time. “My favorite memory from that time was when my mom would just keep us safe in the shelter. It made me realize that she would always be there for us,” he said. 


 Jemuel has a lot of friends. Many of his friends are on the volleyball team with him. “I get along with a majority of my teammates,”  he said, Jemuel explained how he also only lived with his mother and sister, so he isn’t close with any other family besides his cousin. Two of Jemuel’s closest friends are Joshua Torres and Danilo Gonzalez, who are in the school’s volleyball team with him, He also has a friend group outside of school who he hangs out with almost every weekend. 


        Jemuel has a girlfriend named Yanelle Figueroa. Jemuel said, “I love her a lot,” he said. “she means a lot to me” and “I see a future with her. I worry that we won’t go to the same university or college, but I still see us together, talking and having the connection we still have.” Just like a relationship with his girlfriend he has a very good relationship with her cat Pixie who he’s always with whenever he sees his girlfriend. 


Being a junior means you need to start preparing for the future, which consists of colleges, universities, jobs, and living on your own. “I feel like I am ready for the future, sure there is going to be some unexpected decisions I’ll have to make but I’m ready to make them.” said Jemuel. 


 Because of volleyball Jemuel has thought about becoming a coach in the future but has always wanted to be an engineer ever since he was young. “I want to be able to teach techniques that people may not have thought of or understand players better if I become a coach.” In 5 years, he sees himself playing for a university, working, and having his own place. He doesn’t really have a specific university in mind, but he hopes to be in one to continue his volleyball career.