How Your Music Taste Defines You


Junior Andre Rodriguez playlist.

By Celine Blanco-Corbea, Staff Writer

    We use music for different aspects in our lives. We might use it to relax or to heal from a traumatic experience. Music can help us connect to people we might want to get to know better. It might be easier for us to socialize with others through music considering that with music you can find certain genres, artists, and songs you might have in common. Music helps our pain decrease, because listening to a song you might have a good memory with you are able to reminisce how joyful you felt. 

     Music connects to our emotions. If we tend to feel sad, we might want to listen to a slow melody to resonate with our feelings. Music is a way others might be able to express their emotions when they aren’t able to show them.  

    Andrea Lopez, a junior, stated, “Music helps me express feelings, especially certain songs that connect to my current emotions.”  

   Steven Zamora, a junior, said, “Music impacts my life because most of the time I listen to it, to keep me at ease.”  

       Music always has a personal connection to our everyday lives.  Math teacher Ms. Munguia says, “Music helps me heal, makes me happy, makes me dance, gives me joy, reminds me of the people that I love, and the people I used to love.”  

How music impacts your life 

    We listen to music when we want to feel better or to resonate with an emotion we could be currently experiencing. People might enjoy listening to music every day to set a vibe and to get them ready for certain occasions like preparing for an upcoming test, exercising, or getting ready to go out. Students like Lirio Cornillo, a freshman, said, “Music allows me to feel safe, and it helps build my confidence up.”  

   Music allows us to connect to songs and it gives us the chance to be able to relate to what the artist might be going through and how we are able to relate to it. We make memories and remember a certain song that is associated with that certain memory.  It gives us a flash from the past and all the emotions that come with hearing that song all over again.  

   Emily Matter, a junior, stated, “If I am in a happy or sad mood and reminisce about the time or moment that the occasion might have happened, I tend to get emotional.”  

 People’s variety of taste 

     Everyone has a favorite music artist, or maybe an artist they listen to more than others. There are many genres of music and students at Miami High all have different tastes. While some might enjoy keeping it classical, others enjoy listening to things more modern and alternative.  

   English teacher Ms. Guerra states “My favorite song is ‘Honey’ by Kehlani because it makes me think about the daughter I will be having and how I’m going to be able to sing it as a lullaby to her.”   

    Some students might enjoy listening to songs in different languages and from a different countries. Alison Estregada, a junior, says, “I love listening to Yves Tumor; his music is really good.”  

   Eliyah Gonzalez, senior states, “My favorite band is Crystal Castles because of their 8-Bit melodies. They’re not too childish with their chiptunes and give off cool electronic beats which range from energetic to sad.”  

   Others might prefer listening to Latin music. Marisol Alfonso, says, “I always listen to Bad Bunny. I enjoy how hype his music is and how much he has progressed as an artist.”  

 How music makes you feel  

    Music is a way others connect with their peers, to relate to certain topics. Junior, Anthony Ramirez says, “There have been times when I have found myself bonding with new people because we share a few favorite artists in common.”  

   At times you might find yourself having a favorite song because you feel as if you are able to relate to the message the artist is trying to get across. Music has a big impact on society. Singers are just like us battling personal battles and wanting to spread awareness on certain topics that aren’t being talked about enough.  

    Destiny Zambara, sophomore, states, “Music makes me feel like I’m less alone and I’m not the only one battling with mental issues.”  

Students most favorite artist 

Frank Ocean 

Tyler the creator  

Crystal Castles 

TV Girl