Summer ’23


By Darla Paniagua, Staff Writer

  As soon as school starts up for students in August, all anyone can think about is how they wish it was summer again. For many, summer is a way to recharge after a stressful school year, a way to make many fun memories, accomplish any goals they’ve been putting off or even starting a summer job. Whatever you do depends solely on what you deem as important. All types of age groups have different types of things they do during these 3 months.  



    While some students are taking this as a chance to relax, some are trying to get a head start for their next school year. One of them, Hillary Paredes, a senior, said, “My goal is to start college on a good note,” as she is starting FIU as a Golden Scholar during the summer term. Lauren Solar, a senior, is going to also start doing some of her college credits in the summer even though she’s starting her first official semester in the fall. 

    One thing a lot of the kids I interviewed had in common was traveling. Nicole Roque, a junior, said her goal was to go on 2 Spain trips this summer, while senior Christian Rodil said he wanted to go to New York. Former Miami High student Gabriella Lopez will be visiting the Florida Keys this summer, but also hopes to go to Thailand for the first time.  

    Other students’ responses were related to working jobs and goals relating to jobs. Some answers included them starting a new business or learning more about it. Senior Matthew Smith wants to start working towards his real estate license this summer. Aylin Villegas, a junior, will be working all summer at Gilbert’s Bakery. Many students, like seniors Julio Viera and Julianne Rodriguez, will be balancing work along with their social lives.  



    Some of our teachers also have plans in mind for the summer. Mr. Ortiz, AP Spanish teacher, has a hobby of traveling. His classroom is best known for being filled with flags, all of them being places he’s visited. This summer Mr. Ortiz is traveling to Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.  

     Ms. Armas, junior class and Color-Guard advisor, is going to be close to home as she has to stay in school with the new guard members. With Color-Guard and Band tryouts coming up, she, along with our band director, will be pretty busy this summer helping teach everyone all there is to know and prepare them for marching season. However, Ms. Armas does hope to go up to North Carolina to visit her son and spend a couple days in the springs. 

    Dr. Suarez’s return back to Miami High has been very relieving, as she’s one of the freshmen’s favorite teachers. Along with being an English teacher, a law magnet teacher for the seniors, and freshman board advisor, she is also a teacher at UM and a lawyer. Her plans for this summer include “running a debate camp at University of Miami, working on her law cases, and going to the beach and reading.”  



    Most of my coworkers at Old Navy are planning on staying at the same location, while others are hoping to have a change of scene. One of them wants to take a leave of absence for two months in order to go stay in Virginia with his family.  

   One of my managers, Alexandra, wants to visit her home country, Dominican Republic, and spend some time with her family. Another manager is excited for her birthday in July and is hoping to be on a yacht to celebrate it.  

    No matter if you’re in school or have graduated already, everyone deserves to have a great summer. Those months should feel like a reward for all the hard work you’ve done throughout the year, and no matter what you’re doing, just take this time to unwind.