Despertar Lunar Boutique


Sam rah loves to share her love for crystals because they helped when she got bullied as a kid

By Yanelle Figueroa, Staff Writer

  Despertar Lunar boutique is an on-line crystal/jewelry store run by Miami High sophomore Samirah Lens who has been in business for the past three years.  

   “I was bullied throughout all of middle school, and the way I overcame it was through holistic methods,” Samirah explained. “Crystals were my safe place. Once I realized this, I wanted to share this with other individuals going through the same thing.” 

   Throughout the three years that Samirah has been working on Despertar Lunar, the estimated items Samirah sells yearly are over 200 due to the events she attends. “On a bad month the orders come slower than in a good month,” she said.

Samis First Pop-Up Event

    The Despertar website is filled with all the items that Samirah sells: crystals, crystal necklaces, bracelets, incense, and she is in the process of making crystal earrings. Some of the top selling crystals on the Despertar website are rose quartz, amythis, carnelian, lapis, and oppilate.  

   Being a business owner and a student is hard, but Sami manages to do both. “It’s hard when you have an assignment due at the same time as an order shipment,” she said. “It has been so stressful to the point where I would have to take small breaks.” Although working alone can be hard, Samirah says, “I love to see my customers happy with their purchases. That’s why I keep the business alive.”  

    Being so young when Samirah started her business, some have questioned how her parents felt about it. She said, “They’re supportive, but worried because I’m in a lot of activities such as being the boys’ volleyball manager and being part of clubs.” Once Sami graduates high school, she would like to study business in college to keep Despertar running.  

   With Samirah taking AP classes for her second year of high school, she explained how she is not sure what to expect in the future but hopes she can keep the business running. She also expressed how she would love to turn the store into a physical store since it is just online currently. “I love doing part-time events and I would love to do it full time if it’s possible,” she said.