The Attendance Office


You could miss out on the fun stuff like field trips, activities, graduation so make sure your bad attendance doesn’t be the same as your grades. “It’s hard for a student to have bad grades and bad attendance,” Mr. Zabala said. 

By Lila Esquivel, Editor

   Many students at Miami High had attendance problems during the 2021-2022 school year, but this year things have improved. “Throughout the school year we have had fewer tardies, and that’s because the pandemic has left,” said assistant principal Mr. Zabala. “Officially it’s looking like we’re on top. The results for this school year are looking better than other schools.” 

    Throughout the school year Ms. Mabel Garcia, Mr. Zabala, and Ms. Marichuia have overseen the attendance office. “It’s been a long year, but my job is nothing that I dislike, and this school is my alma mater and second family,” said Ms. Garcia.  

    She enjoys that her job allows her to interact with students and her coworkers. Ms. Garcia always encourages students to come to school and excuse whatever absences and tardies they may have.  Attendance counts for school days and your excused absence shows that you care about the consequences that may come.  

   She also reminds students to check the attendance office for any lost items because that is where the “lost and found” is located.  Ms. Garcia will stay working and packing papers until June 16, making sure all the important things are in place and getting the office ready for the next school year and this summer.   

   Many teachers don’t grade late work if you don’t excuse your absence from the office. Students being late for school makes them miss important information and may cause some problems with grades.