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Get to Know: Ms. Cosculluela Gonzalez

Ms.C having a relaxing day at one of her favorite restaurants.

   Ms. Cosculluela Gonzalez, popularly known as Ms. C, is part of the English department and has taught at Miami Senior High School for 20 years and has grown a love for teaching seniors. If you have passed, heard, or have Ms. Cosculluela’s class, you will notice her beaming sense of humor and her warmhearted personality that makes you want to be more involved in your schoolwork.  

    In five years, she says, “I envision myself still working at Miami High teaching seniors and helping them develop a love for literature.”   


Life at School  

  Her most favorite moments in Miami High are when it’s time for the Homecoming Parade. She states, “We are the only high school that has this tradition, and I think it’s beautiful.”  

    During her 20 years of teaching at The High, Ms.C  states that it’s a full circle. She has had students that already graduated and tend to come back just to see what creative floats and activities the different clubs come up with year after year. 

  After many years of teaching, she has experienced her past students that have gone to college, graduate, and come back to The High because they are interested in pursuing a professional career here. Ms. C believes that Miami High is a great community where we all represent and show how much we value, respect, and care for each other—both students and faculty members. 

  She was motivated to become a full-time teacher, when she was hired as a 30-100 which is when you takeover someone’s maternity leave for 6 months, but she wasn’t a full-time staff yet. This experience was what awoke her love for education because she was not only able to bond with students, but also acknowledge the pros and cons this career path had in her favor.  

   Her all-time favorite students she enjoys teaching are seniors. She says, “Seniors are in that transition into becoming an adult and graduating.” 

    One of her personal goals she wishes to achieve is to help guide all her students into taking a positive route whether its career wise or college wise. Ms. C states, “There is always something for someone, and I want all my students to have the best successful lives.” 


Life at Home 

     Ms. Cosculluela was born in Miami, Florida. Her family has a mixed background, being half Cuban and half Puerto Rican. Growing up, Ms. Cosculluela’s parents were very strict.  

    She has two dogs: Olivia and Chloe. She has raised Olivia for 15 years and Chloe for 4 years.  

    During her free time, she enjoys going out with her husband, trying out new restaurants, and spending her weekends at Palm Beach. 

    She enjoys reading quotes, especially inspirational and motivational ones. Ms. C says, “I think always giving yourself a reminder that your hard work pays off is an important factor to keep on going.”  

Ms.C and her husband enjoying their day at one of their favorite restaurants.


Life before Teaching 

  Ms. Cosculluela attended Lourdes Academy. “,It’s a small school and we were all very close,” she said. “Till this day we all are very close and enjoy catching up with each other every now and then.”    

   Before switching over to the education side, Ms. C worked in banking for a while till she later realized that it wasn’t something she was passion about. She states, “I didn’t like the business world. I wanted to be able to interact with kids.”  

    Ms. Cosculluela went to the University of Miami where she majored in economics and political science, with a minor in humanities. Her memories at University of Miami are the best and ones that she holds very dearly. Ms. C says, “I loved it. It’s a beautiful campus.”  



  Ms. C often travels, and every summer she travels internationally. She and her husband have visited various places including Paris, Italy, London, China, and Hong Kong. She says, “Everywhere I visit is beautiful and has its own unique aspect, but Paris would be the one that stands out to be the most. Not only is it the city of love, but the food there is amazing.”  

  Her favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho because it teaches you that the road to self-discovery is not linear and there are many ways people can find out about themselves and about the world.  


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