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Get to Know Mr. B

Mr.B and his wrestling team!

Mr.Brborich is one of the best Algebra 2 teachers in the school, students always say that they learn well from Mr. B and that he breaks it down pretty good, He loves to encourage students to work hard and to focus on their future, he teaches many life lessons and he’s an easy person to talk to. 


  Mr.Brborich is from Miami, Florida, but his parents are from Nicaragua and Ecuador. He was raised in Miami his whole childhood. He says he had a good childhood and he spent most of it playing soccer with his friends and family. His favorite memory as a child was him riding his BMX bike all over Coconut Grove and having a good time cruising. His favorite subject was math because he always found it so easy and he liked helping and teaching others as a student. 

  Life before teaching 

Before he became a teacher back in Mr.Brborich was a school security guard here at Miami High, and on the weekends, he would be a security guard at a nightclub. Before becoming a teacher, he wanted to be an airline pilot. He stated, “I didn’t choose to become a teacher; the teaching life choose me.” He got a job at Miami Dade as a student where he became a tutor for students. Those students would give him feedback and tell him that they learned more from him than the teacher. This helped him find out that he liked teaching and that he had a passion for it. it took him 3 years to become a teacher. 

 Life as a teacher  

Mr. Brborich says that the hardest part about teaching is “When you’re teaching your heart out and kids don’t care to learn and look for multiple excuses.” He said, “It makes you question if your job is really worth it because many teachers don’t teach for the money, they teach make an impact on students’ lives.” 

    He also says that another good part about teaching is, “the relationships you make with students, you make with students and how appreciative they are, there may not be a lot of students like that but it’s very pleasing to know and feel that it’s having a good impact on their futures.” The best life skills Mr. B can teach are about self-discipline and hard work. He also says, “Nothing is ever given for free.” He said he loves criticism if it is constructive because everything is a learning process. 

Highschool experience 

  Mr. Brborich went to South Miami High School, where he graduated with the class of 1993, he played soccer during his 4 years in high school. His Most memorable lesson in High school was when his history teacher wrote down all his bills and said, “There’s a reason why you have to work. It’s to pay bills, but you can eliminate bills by not spending on unnecessary things”. 

Wrestling and Judo 

  This school year, Mr. B became Miami High’s wrestling coach again. He wanted to give the kids an opportunity to have a wrestling team this year. He accepted the job partly because he saw some signs on his way home from work that said “service” which he interpreted a sign telling him to give back.”  The wrestling team is doing well coming back from a 5-year break,” he said 

   He started grappling martial arts in college and it became an addiction. He said, “It was a good addiction, and it makes you bring out good energy. It’s an escape from negative energy.”  This hobby introduced him to wrestling and judo, which he really enjoys. In 2011 he was ranked #1 in the country for his age bracket in judo. 

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